Tokyopop's Win a Nano of Manga Contest

TOKYOPOP presents the "Win a Nano of Manga" contest--this time you can win an iPod Nano loaded with exclusive TOKYOPOP manga pods! All you need to do is share Manga magazine(formerly known as Takuhai)with as many of your friends and loved ones as you can!

To enter, you must be logged into Manga Magazine . If you're logged in you can simply click here to launch the signup form. We don't need much information, just your email address so we can contact you when you win!

Simply fill in the email addresses of as many people you know. And please make sure these are real email addresses of real people other than yourself--TOKYOPOP will verify all addresses and eliminate any fraudulent entries. Let's say you randomly create a lot of emails that you don't actually use, and then you register those emails to TOKYOPOP. Those addresses would be disqualified. Trust us, we have the technology.

Sure they're real emails and all, but the problem is that they all belong to you. This isn't in the spirit of our competition, and we want to encourage others to enjoy Manga magazine! Ya dig? A better strategy would be to make lots and lots of new friends, get their email addresses, and sign 'em up. You'd be well on your way to the iPod Nano, plus you'd have lots of fabulous new friends. See? It's win-win!

Here's another tip, free of charge: You can spread the word by posting your promo code to online bulletin boards and message boards, boards at school and libraries. Heck, tape a copy of your promo code to the back of your little brother--just get the word out any way you can!

Enter as often as you like, but remember, you can only submit each email once. The winner will be determined by the overall number of legitimate emails submitted--the more emails you submit, the better your chance is of winning!

The Grand Prize: The winning contestant will win an iPod Nano loaded with exclusive manga content! That's right, your iPod Nano will be filled with manga pods from TOKYOPOP, content that will not be available to anyone else for a month. To find out more, read the rules here

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