Ghost in the Shell: SAC Game Goes Gold

CYPRESS, CA - October 11, 2005 - Bandai Games Inc. today announced that "Ghost in the Shell(R): Stand Alone Complex(TM)" for the PSP(TM) handheld entertainment system has gone gold. Featuring up to six-player multiplayer gameplay, this sci-fi first-person shooter also offers gamers the chance to control their own mini-tank, the Tachikoma.

"The complex world of the 'Ghost in the Shell(R)' anime and manga series presented a wealth of source material for the game," said Rika Maruya, Co-Producer of Bandai Games Inc. "With the PSP [system] title, we took care to incorporate Masamune Shirow's multifaceted characters, as well as the tense drama and edge-of-your-seat action that are trademarks of the series."

"Ghost in the Shell(R): Stand Alone Complex(TM)" will be in stores October 25th.

About "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" for the PSP system
In the futuristic world of "Ghost in the Shell(R): Stand Alone Complex(TM)," crime knows no limits. Gamers can face off against cyber-criminals as members of Section 9, an elite group of secret intelligence operatives tasked to keep technological terrorists at bay. Players must use "Major" Motoko Kusanagi's agility, her partner Batou's strength, rookie Togusa's stealth, or Saito's sniper skills to unravel the mysteries of Berutarube.

"Ghost in the Shell(R): Stand Alone Complex(TM)" offers gamers the chance to:

- Issue precise commands and orders to the independent mini-tank, Tachikoma, to gain an advantage during heated battles

- Customize Tachikoma with unique accessories

- Choose from 51 different weapons; from hand guns to rocket launchers and sub-machine guns

- Play wirelessly in head-to-head battles for up to six players . Hack into enemies to break down the terrorist cells

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