4Kids Home Video Debuts Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 4.1 on DVD


Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 4.1: A New Evil Streets December 6, 2005


NEW YORK, N.Y. (November 2, 2005) – 4Kids Entertainment Home Video, Inc., the home video unit of 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE), in association with FUNimation Entertainment, will release Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 4.1: A New Evil on DVD on December 6, 2005.

This first release from Yu-Gi-Oh!'s fourth broadcast season on Kids' WB! brings new battles and non-stop action as a terrifying new villain emerges, the three Egyptian god cards are missing, and if things couldn't get any worse, real monsters are appearing around the world terrorizing the population! Are these strange events somehow connected and can they be resolved?

The DVD features seven episodes including:

A New Evil (Parts I & II) – The three Egyptian god cards are stolen and a terrifying new villain emerges. Then, real monsters begin to appear around the world! Can Yugi and the gang discover how these strange events are connected, much less solve them, before the planet is destroyed? With the seal of Orichalcos, not only can Gurimo have 10 monsters on the field at once, but each creature receives a power boost from Orichalcos' malevolent energies! Yugi better find a way to protect himself against Gurimo's super horde, for the loser of the duel will have his soul sealed away forever! It's a whole new adventure as the world descends into chaos!

Legend of the Dragons – Not only is the world on the brink of apocalypse, but an entire domain of monsters is also on the verge of collapse! The guardians of both Earth and the monster domain must unite and fight against the largest terror they have ever faced, a menace whose body is miles in length!

The Creator Returns – Confusion abounds when enemies become friends … and friends become enemies! Yugi and the gang set off on a cross-country trek when they're asked for help from a one-eyed former foe! But will they get to him in time as he is being watched by a “friend” who may have joined the dark side.

Deja Duel! (Parts I & II) – Kaiba returns to Duelist Kingdom for a showdown against Pegasus! Wielding his newest whacked-out Toon terrors, Pegasus is ready to repeat his previous victory against Kaiba! Not only does Alister's Balrog gain attack points for every fiery monster on the field, but it can also take control of Kaiba's monsters! With Alister's army growing while Kaiba's squad whittles into nothing, will Alister get his seething revenge, or will Kaiba be recognized as a true duelist and get aid from the monster domain?

An Unexpected Enemy – On the way to Industrial Illusions, Yugi and friends are ambushed by a band of motorcycle thugs – until their favorite friend soars to the rescue on the wings of her Harpie Lady! Mai's back to help Yugi take down Dartz and save the world from annihilation … or is a topsy-turvy twist in the works?

TITLE: Yu-Gi-Oh!: A New Evil

Episode 401: A New Evil – Part I

Episode 402: A New Evil – Part II

Episode 403: Legend of the Dragons

Episode 404: The Creator Returns

Episode 405: Deja Duel! – Part I

Episode 406: Deja Duel! – Part II

Episode 407: An Unexpected Enemy

RUNNING TIME: Approximately 155 Minutes



SRP: $14.98

STREET DATE: 12/6/2005

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