Yamato USA: SIF EX Ikki Tousen - Sonsaku



Torrance, CA, August 8, 2006 – Yamato USA, the North American division of the Yamato Group with headquarters in the otaku capital of the world - the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan, is pleased to announce the opening of pre-orders for the latest in Yamato's most popular line of Story! Image! Figure! EX: IKKITOUSEN (a.k.a. Battle Vixens) collectible figures – Sonsaku Hakufu (Sitting). Sculpted by Japan's ZENKO, this "booby-bomb" girl may be down for the count; but she still manages to turn on her own unique, ditzy charm. With a playful wink, she knows what you spy... and who won't be able to with an enclosed mirror display base! And just for that extra touch (literally), this Sonsaku features pliable PVC material, appropriately enough… in her breasts! Packaged in collector style window box, this 1/7th scale PVC statue can be yours to show off early Fall. Yamato USA and its distribution partners AAA Anime, BBCW, Entertainment Earth, & Grosnor Distribution are now excepting retailer pre-orders through August 23.


Yamato USA is the wholly owned subsidiary of Yamato Co., Ltd with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. For over six years, Yamato USA has proudly served the North and South American hobby/collector markets with a wide offering of miniature collectible figures, PVC and die-cast action figures, as well as poly-resin and PVC statues inspired by the hottest titles in Japanese anime, manga, and video game properties. Featured properties include Masamune Shirow's Koukaku-Kidoutai (a.k.a. Ghost in the Shell), Appleseed, and Intron Depot; Yasuhiro Nightow's Trigun and Trigun Maximum, Shinichiro Watanabe's Cowboy Bebop, and Nobuhiro Watsuki's Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X). Yamato's original line of collectible figures include: Story! Image! Figure!, Story! Image! Figure! EX, Capcom Figure Collection, Capcom Girls Collection, Japanese Sculptor Original Character Series, and Creators' Labo, as well as Yamato's Scopedog and Garland engineering marvels from Armored Trooper Votoms and Megazone 23.

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