Mr Buckethead Appears at Zenkaikon

Superhero defends fun at new anime and sci-fi convention

PHILADELPHIA, PA- October 2, 2006- Zenkaikon , Alex Strang and Cybergecko are pleased to announce that colorful and often whimsical 'superhero of fun' Mr. Buckethead wil lmake a rare appearance at Philadelphia's newest Anime and Sci-Fi convention, Zenkaikon, on Saturday, October 28th at the Valley Forge
Scanticon Hotel and Conference Center in King of Prussia. The star of
his own live action adventure series and comic book, the enigmatic and
energetic Mr. Buckethead will be available for autographs and
interviews throughout the convention schedule.

ABOUT MR BUCKETHEAD: Mr. Buckethead has been the star of a series of live-action films produced by cartoonist and game designer Alex Strang, (Puppet Karaoke Universe Show, Super Giant Monster Showdown) that has screened at
various film festivals and been broadcast on local television at
different times over the past 20 years. While the part of the strong
and silent superhero has been played by various actors through the
years, the identity of each actor has always remained a closely guarded
secret. The family-friendly character of Mr. Buckethead has also
appeared in other surprising forms, such as the contender in a
tongue-in-cheek wrestling show (Ani-Mayhem 2004) and the protagonist is
an innovative series of comic book-like gamebooks entitled "The Mr.
Buckethead Adventure Game Series". Alex Strang and Cybergecko
currently have a contract with Dream Catcher's Films from Pittsburgh to
develop a new TV series and movie based on the character.

ABOUT ZENKAIKON 2006: Zenkaikon 2006 is a merging of two previous and popular anime conventions, Kosaikon and Zentrancon. Billed as Philadephia's "First True Anime Convention', Zenkaikon boasts unique guests such as
anime-celebs Peter Fernandez and Corinne Orr (the famous voice talent
behind many classic anime films and TV shows), and musical guests such
as D-chan, Prism and the Eydolu performers. There is also a lot of
cosplay (costume contests and presentations), film screenings and
gaming competitions on the schedule. In addition to presenting Mr.
Buckethead, Alex Strang will be hosting a Super Giant Monster Showdown
tournament event, a rare opportunity for gamers to play Mr. Strang's
very popular and best-selling board game.

Information and pre-registration information about Zenkaikon 2006 can
be found at The event will be on October 28, 2006 in
the The Valley Forge Scanticon Hotel & Conference Center in King of
Prussia, PA 19406-1355

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