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Funimation Controls Largest Market Share in US Anime Industry

Controls largest market share for sixth consecutive year

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- FUNimation Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, today announced that the company maintained its position as the anime market share leader for the home video sales of Anime for the sixth straight year. According to an analysis of Nielsen VideoScan data for the year 2006, FUNimation controls 23.2 percent of the market. The company's next closest competitor held 12.6 percent of the market.

"We knew when we started this company that our commitment to quality over quantity would put us into the leadership position in the United States," said Gen Fukunaga, president and CEO of FUNimation Entertainment. "We have achieved this honored position through the hard work of all the employees of FUNimation and with the help of all of our great business partners in Japan."

Nielsen VideoScan collects sell-through POS (consumer purchase) sales data weekly from traditional channels of video distribution including mass merchants, audio/video and video specialty retailers, electronics outlets, grocery stores, drug stores, and some Internet sites. Nielsen VideoScan maintains this weekly POS data in one of the largest databases of VHS and DVD products in the country.

FUNimation compiled data from Nielsen VideoScan reports for 2001 through 2006. The analysis showed that FUNimation has been the market share leader since 2001 and has continued to outdistance its competitors with a solid catalog of titles. "This has been one of our biggest years and we plan to keep growing our market share in the years to come," continues Fukunaga.

In 2006, FUNimation had DVD releases from such popular titles as Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, Negima, Gunslinger Girl, Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid and many others. For 2007, FUNimation plans to continue its number one market share presence with releases from such titles as Afro Samurai, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Witchblade, School Rumble, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and new releases from franchise titles such as Dragon Ball Z and Fullmetal Alchemist.

About FUNimation Entertainment

FUNimation(R) Entertainment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation and the market share leader for the home video sales of Japanese animation in the United States. FUNimation is known for acquiring top-rated anime series from Japan and for developing some of North America's most popular anime series. The company has a proven formula for launching and advancing brands, and manages a full spectrum of rights for most of its brands including broadcasting, licensing, production, internet, and home video sales and distribution. The company's most recent initiative is the FUNimation Channel, which is a 24/7 digital channel programmed with top-rated anime series from Japan. The FUNimation Channel is now available to over 34 million households throughout the United States.

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