AniRave Music LLC Releases New Album: “Hope”

AniRave Music LLC Releases New Album: “Hope”

PHOENIX, AZ. – April 16, 2007 - AniRave Music LLC released its first official product at AniZona 3 held at the Mesa Convention Center from March 5th to March 8th. The album contains electronic dance tracks from two of the UK's most talented producers: Geoff Pinckney and Kevin Tye. Both artists had previously released material for Konami's highly successful Dance Dance Revolution franchise on the Xbox and Xbox 360, and have recently signed additional tracks that will be featured on an upcoming version of Dance Dance Revolution. In addition, the album featured three remixes by local Arizona musician Raymond Abril (“RayRay”) and Greg Ayres.

The album was specifically designed to cater to the tastes of fans of electronic music that also like video games and Japanese animation (anime). “We wanted to tap into this market of fans who have heard this music in their favorite games and anime productions,” said company President and spokesperson Anthony Grutta. “We also look forward to working with other artists looking to create more of this popular sound and get it into the media players of fans everywhere”.

During the release party and dance at AniZona, accomplished voice actor Greg Ayres performed for a crowd of hundreds using material from the album, and provided invaluable input during the album's creation. Mr. Ayres is himself a DJ who has performed at numerous anime conventions over the years. The dance (sponsored and subcontracted to AniRave Music LLC) was an amazing success and has been lauded on the AniZona web forums as one of the most successful aspects of the convention.

AniRave has partnered up with SnoCap to offer the album for sale online. Purchases may be made online through the AniRave's corporate website and MySpace music site. A limited number of 50 CD Albums were made for sale during the convention, and were autographed by the artists'. The album sold out in less than three hours after the opening of the exhibit hall on Friday. Additional production runs of the album are planned, as well as offering the album for sale on Apple's iTunes Store.

Members of the press seeking to obtain a copy of the album for review are cordially invited to send a request to the Director of Sales & Marketing via e-mail at [email protected] All other inquiries may be sent to [email protected]

AniRave Music LLC is also seeking to license material from this album for use in a wide variety of media. Interested parties should send questions or requests to [email protected]

About AniRave

AniRave Music LLC is a record label based in the Phoenix metropolitan area specializing in products that would appeal to consumers who are fans of both Japanese animation (anime) and electronic dance music. More information can be found at

About AniZona

AniZona is an anime convention held annually in or around the Phoenix metropolitan area. The convention was founded in 2005.

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