Robotech® Returns to Palladium Books®

Ground-breaking series of role-playing games mark a triumphant comeback at the pioneering RPG publisher.

TAYLOR, MICHIGAN — It's official! Palladium Books and Harmony Gold USA are proud to announce a new license for pen-and-paper role-playing games and sourcebooks based on the Robotech® television series and its latest sequel, Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles®.

Palladium's Robotech® RPG, first published in 1986, was the game that introduced many gamers to the role-playing experience. “Palladium has a long tradition of working with Robotech and we are thrilled that they have this license again,” said Tommy Yune, creative director at Harmony Gold and director of Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles®.

“We look forward to working with Tommy Yune and Harmony Gold to create a brand new series of RPG titles for the next era of Robotech gaming.” said Kevin Siembieda, publisher and founder of Palladium Books. “It is our intention to make the upcoming new Robotech® and Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles® RPGs even more fun and exciting than the original RPG to please long-time gamers and enthrall a new generation of fans.”

Robotech® made its debut in 1985 as a blockbuster animated television series that attracted an audience of all ages, from children to adults. The cutting-edge saga of war, love, and the indomitable human spirit spanned three epic generations of heroes battling to keep Earth safe from alien invaders. Robotechnology is the synthesis of human science and alien technology to create robotic vehicles, power armor, aircraft, and spacecraft to defend the Earth. Among the most famous of these mecha are the transformable Cyclones, Veritech Fighters, and Shadow Fighters.

Robotech® then blasted into the new millennium with the highly-anticipated continuation of the saga through Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles®, and the recent announcement that Tobey (Spider-Man) Maguire's production company and Warner Bros. Pictures had optioned the rights to produce Robotech® as a live action motion picture. Maguire is said to be considering the lead role. Palladium Books is aiming to release its first RPG, Robotech® the Shadow Chronicles® Role-Playing Game, in time for Christmas 2007.


The role-playing game will pick up where the DVD movie begins. The return of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, the separation of Rick Hunter and the SDF-3 from the rest of the fleet, and everything else that is part of the universe of Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles®.

• Written by Robotech® RPG creator Kevin Siembieda.
• Cover by veteran artist Apollo Okamura.
• Packed with detailed illustrations throughout.
• Comprehensive character, mecha, spacecraft, and vessel statistics and images.
• Mecha pilots and other fleet personnel Occupational Character Classes (O.C.C.).
• Additional background information and detail as space permits.
• Fast-playing RPG rules. Mega-Damage setting.
• Printed in popular manga size for easy portability.
• End of November release for holiday season (tentative).
• 192 pages – $16.95 retail – Cat. No. 550.
• Available in the U.S. and Canada only (other territories to follow).


Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about Palladium's future Robotech plans:

• At this time, Palladium has no plans to reprint the past Robotech® role-playing games and sourcebooks in their original form. The upcoming RPG books will be new.
• Palladium will use some of the best artwork and text from the original games, but all of the new books will be substantially rewritten, expanded upon, and illustrated with much new artwork.
• The timeline will be brought into line with Harmony Gold's current Robotech continuity.
• Statistics will be adjusted and tweaked, rules will be modified and updated, and fan input will be taken into careful consideration.
• Much more attention will be devoted to The Southern Cross segment of the Robotech® saga.
• The current, but evolving plan is to release Robotech® RPGs and sourcebooks in the following order: Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles® RPG, a New Generation/Invid sourcebook, The Macross Saga RPG, and Southern Cross sourcebook followed by more sourcebooks for them all, rewritten and retold.
• The manga size: With the popularity of manga and anime, this compact format will pay homage to Robotech's Japanese origins. The games and sourcebooks will contain about 192-224 pages and will measure approximately 5 x 7 _ inches. They will read front to back with art and text at a readable size, sell for $16.95 retail, and contain material that should appeal, not just to gamers, but to anyone who enjoys Robotech®.
• Other advantages of the manga size: Portable and easy to carry in a jacket pocket, backpack, etc. For collectors of manga, the game will fit conveniently on the shelf with their books. Furthermore, the format is expected to attract manga readers who have never played a role-playing game. Many first-time gamers discovered the genre with the original Robotech® RPG and sourcebooks in comic book stores.
• Deluxe editions: Palladium is also considering producing special “deluxe” printings of the new Robotech® role-playing games and sourcebooks in the traditional 8_ x 11 size with 160-224 pages (or more), featuring additional artwork, mecha transformation sequences, and details.
• Palladium has been conducting research for months in anticipation of the new Robotech® RPG, and is ready to dive into the production of the first of many, new Robotech® titles.

Palladium Books established itself as a pioneer in the implementation of a unified role-playing game system with The Mechanoid Invasion® in 1981. The company was also the first to introduce the perfect bound, trade paperback format to the RPG industry. Now in its third decade of operation, Palladium continues to be an innovator as one of the longest-surviving independent RPG publishers. Visit for more information.

Harmony Gold has been active in the production, acquisition and distribution of quality programming worldwide since its inception in 1983, producing some of the television industry's classic and history-making programs. Visit or for additional information.

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