Azindies Production Presents a New Television Show about Anime and Asian Pop Culture

RIVERSIDE, CA – December 24, 07- AzIndies is proud to announce the formation of Ramen Revolution, a television show about anime (Japanese animation), and Asian pop culture that is designed to provide the audience with news updates, event coverage, information on Japan's fashion trends, live performances, interviews, skits, and other various forms of entertainment.

There being an absence of any show like Ramen Revolution, It was created in response to the large population of Anime fans and all of the various other interrelated sub-cultures presented in Ramen Revolution. On top of that Ramen Revolution has been designed so that it meets the needs of such fans, but nevertheless can entertain people who are not familiar with Anime or Asian pop culture. Ramen Revolution will also be featuring celebrity guest stars that are not yet associated with Anime or Asian pop culture.

Ramen Revolution is taped in front of a live studio audience at The Granada Theatre in Ontario, California. The live show is equipped with live performances, vendor booths, free giveaways and contest, games, and the possibility of going up on stage and interacting with the cast. It is one of the biggest things to happen to the Inland Empire in the name of Anime. Tickets to the show are 15 dollars per person. The first live is on April 5th, 2008. It is going to air both on television and online.

ABOUT AZINDIES PRODUCTIONS AND ITS AFFILIATES: AzIndies is a relatively new media production company, with the mission of bringing quality, innovative entertainment. The affiliates of AzIndies productions are as follows: S.U.N. Programme Factory, which has worked in the production of hundreds of music videos and several television shows, and Raven Hime Productions, which has contributed to the production of television shows, documentaries, and a nonprofit organization.


DATE – APRIL 5TH, 2008

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