UK: Seconds Out, Final Round for Shadow Skill



LDMS, in partnership with ADV Films, is pleased to offer the final volume of the fighting anime Shadow Skill vol.6: Emergence Of The Beast which finishes kicking butt and taking names on 17th March 2008. Produced by Studio DEEN (Getbackers, Samurai X), from the original manga by Mugumu Okada, this has been throughout one tough-talking, all-fighting series for fans of old-school anime.

The warrior kingdom of Kuruda is home to the fiercest fighters in the world, men and women who live solely for the chance to fight and become the greatest in the world. Young Gau Ban dreams of becoming the warrior of his generation. Along with his adopted sister Elle and the legendary Scarface, Gau trains and battles for the mastery of the Shadow Skill.

What the Press Said:
“If you're a fan of fighting anime you'll want to check this series out. An interesting fighting/fantasy anime with a lot of personality and action.” DVD Talk

“I continue to enjoy this series more with each successive disk.”

The Story:
Since ancient days it's been said that Kuruda is a land which is easy to defend and impossible to attack. Its palace is situated on an island, surrounded by a jagged mountain range which keeps the fiercest of enemies from piercing the stronghold. And yet even now a massive army from neighboring Solfan prepares to launch an attack on Kuruda, seeking to put an end to its 2000 year history. In the midst of it all stands Len Fuma, a bloodthirsty madman versed in the mysterious and powerful “Ying” style. Responsible for the deaths of most of the holy nation's legendary warriors, Len now sets his sights on our gang of heroes. With Elle away on a suicide mission of her own, it falls on Gau to take the final step in his evolution to Sevalle: to embrace the purity of a beast. But with Diaz's death on his shoulders and a profound empathy for his enemy in his heart, can Gau ever truly shed his humanity? Or will the annihilation of the Holy Nation finally come true? It all comes to a thrilling conclusion in this final installment of Shadow Skill!

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