Dark Horse Inherits the Rich Mythos of an Immortal Warrior in the Epic Tales of Blood+

Dark Horse is pleased to announce the addition of Blood+ to its ever-growing line of translated prose and manga. This already established work has found a new life and audience in the animated TV series airing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Anime Block. Blood+ will also soon make its slilver screen in a live-action theatrical film produced by William Kong (House of Flying Daggers; Hero; and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) slated for a 2009 release.

Blood+ chronicles the adventures of Saya, an amnesiac girl who discovers she is far from normal. Living with a foster family just outside an American military base in Okinawa, Japan, she soon comes upon the reality of her extraordinary past. She learns she is an immortal warrior whose lineage could even date back to Ancient Egypt or earlier. For centuries she has been locked in a battle against a race of vampiric creatures known as Chiropterans, monsters that are intent on destroying all life on Earth. In an epic tale that crisscrosses the globe, Saya battles to save the world while searching for the secret of her lost memories. 

Saya has previously graced the Dark Horse catalogue in 2005 with the book Blood: The Last Vampire Night of the Beasts. The Blood+ universe will continue through Dark Horse in three spectacular manga story lines and two stimulating series of prose novels.

“Dark Horse is proud to continue championing one of the greatest-ever and most-celebrated properties ever to come from Japan: Blood the Last Vampire, as told through a host of new manga and prose novels,” says Michael Gombos, Director of Asian Licensing at Dark Horse Comics. “We are honored to bring three new manga and two series of prose novels to the English-speaking world, allowing everyone to further enter the world of Saya Otonashi and compatriots!”

Blood+ Volume One manga is available February of 2008 and Blood+: First Kiss Volume One prose novel is on sale March 2008.

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