LDMS: Utawarerumono: The Beast Within Released!


BRIGHTON, UK, 8th MAY 2008

LDMS, in partnership with ADV Films, is pleased to offer the fifth volume of the spectacular fantasy adventure series Utawarerumono vol.5: The Beast Within on 12TH MaY 2008!

From Oriental Light and Magic studios (Berserk, Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor) comes the tale of a man in a mask he can't remove. With a heart-felt story and exciting action set in a far-off land, Utawarerumono is based on the best-selling Japanese PS2 fantasy RPG. As such, it's ideal for those gamers taking a break from having completed Final Fantasy XII, or waiting for Atelier Iris 3. Join Hakuoro and friends as they unravel the mystery of the mask!

What the Press Said:
“Over the course of the five episodes, the series drew me in more and more until I became completely engaged in it and wished I had not only the next volume but all of the volumes on hand.” AnimeonDVD.com

“An intriguing storyline, interesting characters, and a unique world. Having seen the next nine episodes of this continuing epic, all I can really say is, "More, please." Frankly, Utawarerumono is turning out to be the best anime fantasy saga I've seen in ages, and it's going to feel like ages until the next volume comes out.” The Anime Review.com

“Offers what is probably the most extensive use of CG animation of massed movements, drills, and fighting yet seen in an anime title. The sheer scale of what the producers tried to do here deserves special attention. The story execution remains true to its game origins.” Anime News Network

The Story:
In a warring land, blood runs deep and trust wears thin. Just when Hakuoro thinks he has gained a trustworthy ally, he finds that he must defend his people against a power-hungry onslaught from an invincible mechanized force, the likes of which have never been seen in this primitive world. When Hakuoro is backed into a corner, his inner beast is unleashed – and pieces of the mystery begin to unfold. Is he a bloodthirsty killer, or a mystical protector of life? How did he get here? Don't blink, or you might miss a clue! So sit back, relax, and decipher the flashbacks in this compelling installment of Utawarerumono!

Utawarerumono vol.5: The Beast Within (RRP £19.99) is a DVD-only release of episodes 11 to 14, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 audio with English subtitles. Extras include: “Omake Theatre”; “Utawarerumono: The Story So Far…”; extended episode previews; character art gallery; glossary of terms; clean opening & closing animations; and ADV Previews.

Utawarerumono vol.5: The Beast Within
Running Time: 100 mins
Street Date: 12/05/07
Format: DVD
BBFC Classification: 15
Cat#: DUM005
RRP: £19.99

Further Sales Info: http://www.lacedigitalmediasales.com/products/DUM005

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