Walk Among the Shadows and Awaken the Power Within in the New Blue Dragon Role Playing Card Game

Blue Dragon Role Playing Card Game is the First Ever Card Game from
Legendary Gaming Company Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.;
First Release to be Hobby Only

Cooperation, teamwork and being one step ahead of your opponent are all attributes a great Shadow Wielder must possess to defeat a foe in the new Blue Dragon Role Playing Card Game (RPCG) from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KDE). Channel your inner Shadow Wielder and lead Shu, Kluke and Jiro against all challengers and knock their Life Points (LP) down to zero. A good Shadow Wielder knows whether their spirit is drawn to the Dark or Light side. The 40-card Blue Dragon RPCG Light and Dark Shadow Wielder Starter Decks (MSRP $9.99) will be available at hobby stores on November 11, 2008.

“The Blue Dragon Role Playing Card Game offers a new and exciting twist on trading card games. It combines the excitement of Deck-building with a variety of interesting cards and an element of role play,” said Yumi Hoashi, Vice President of Card Business for KDE.

The Blue Dragon RPCG is the perfect entry level card game, enables younger players to enjoy all of the aspects of traditional card games and allows them to grow with the game. The crew at KDE designed the Blue Dragon RPCG with a twist; the game can be easy to learn for first timers and offers evolving sophistication with as much complexity as veteran gamers can handle. KDE is releasing two distinctive Starter Decks, each containing unique attributes that lead players down differing game play tracks.

LIGHT SHADOW WIELDER DECK: If you love to search your Deck for the Card you need to win, this is your Deck! Depending on your Partners is critical for success in the Blue Dragon RPCG and this Deck takes that aspect to a new level. With your Partners Shu, Kluke and Jiro at your side, you will have access to the other Partners and Shadows, as well as Skill and Command Cards that you need to gain valuable Experience (EXP) Points and to level up your Shadow quickly. Shadows from LEVELS 1 to 4 give you the power to withstand the Grankingdom Army and to drive them back to their own borders.

DARK SHADOW WIELDER DECK: If ultimate power is your quest, this Deck is for you! Earn EXP Points in the game and order Chimera, Nene's Shadow, to level up from a Level 1, to 2, to 3 and even Level 4! With this Deck, the mechanical might of the Grankingdom Army is at your disposal. The Land Shark card opens up strategic advantage quickly and Servant Mecha Robo A and B provide you cover while you build your EXP quickly. The secret weapon of the forces of Nene and Deathroy allow you to use the Trash to regain advantage, even as your opponent makes their assault!

“There are a lot of trading card games in the marketplace, but the key difference is the Blue Dragon Role Playing Card Game allows players to increase their power immediately, which is a huge advantage for any aspiring Shadow Wielder,” added KDE's Hoashi. “The best way to increase a player's Deck is to add EXP Points and partner cards from the “Heroes Arise” Booster Set. The “Heroes Arise” Booster Set, releases the same time as the Light and Dark Shadow Wielder Decks, and will increase your knockout ability instantly.”

The 60-card “Heroes Arise” Booster Set (MSRP $3.49), comes in 10-card packs (nine playable cards and one strategy card), magnifies the power of the Starter Decks, and gives you the ability to customize your tactics, take apart your opponent's defenses, and utilize two brand-new Shadow types to strengthen your arsenal!

The Blue Dragon trading card game is based on the Blue Dragon Xbox 360® video game by famed developer Hironobu Sakaguchi, and featuring character designs by Akira Toriyama, the creator of the best-selling DRAGON BALL series of manga (which is published in North America by Viz Media and featured in SHONEN JUMP Magazine). The Blue Dragon Role Playing Card Game is recommended for ages six and up.

Viz Media is the master North American licensor for the television, home video and non-video game merchandising rights for BLUE DRAGON and granted the licensing rights for trading card games to KDE in June of 2008. For more information on Blue Dragon please visit http://bluedragon.viz.com.

About Viz Media, LLC
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Viz Media, LLC (Viz Media), is one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies in the field of manga (graphic novel) publishing, animation and entertainment licensing of Japanese content. Owned by three of Japan's largest creators and licensors of manga and animation, Shueisha, Inc., Shogakukan, Inc., and Shogakukan Production Co, Ltd. (Sho-Pro Japan), Viz Media is a leader in the publishing and distribution of Japanese manga for English speaking audiences in North America, the UK, Ireland, and South Africa and is a global licensor of Japanese manga and animation. The company offers an integrated product line including, magazines such as SHONEN JUMP and SHOJO BEAT, graphic novels, DVDs and audio soundtracks and develops and markets animated entertainment from initial production, television placement and distribution, to merchandise licensing and promotions for audiences and consumers of all ages. Contact Viz Media at 295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133; Phone (415) 546-7073; Fax (415) 546-7086; and web site at www.VIZ.com.

About Konami
Konami is a leading developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties and traditional trading card games. Konami's software titles include the popular franchises Metal Gear Solid®, Silent Hill®, Dance Dance Revolution® and Castlevania®, among other top sellers. Konami is also the manufacturer of the wildly popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, which has sold more than 18 billion cards worldwide. The latest information about Konami can be found on the Web at www.Konami.com. Konami Corporation is a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan with subsidiary offices, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. in the United States and Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany. Konami Corporation is traded in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KNM. Details of the products published by Konami can be found at www.Konami.com.

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