Soul Chaser Betty Graphic Novel Collection Comes to Stores

Author and illustrator Brian “BMAN” Babendererde's popular action adventure web comic, Soul
Chaser Betty, is set for release to comic stores this February in graphic novel format. This “director's
cut” edition contains the complete story of Betty's first adventure, and features new story, new art,
extended scenes and a pin up sketch gallery.

Soul Chaser Betty originally debuted on, the premiere destination for action
comics on the web, where it was consistently one of the most popular books for its entire two year run.
Betty is known for combining Manga styled battles with an American sense of story, and features
tough female characters and deep rooted mythology.

Readers join Betty, a cross dimensional bundle of trouble, as she is recruited by fate to join a secret
group of warriors. Known as the Soul Chasers, they are the only hope standing between the world we
know and a monstrous invasion from the Dreamscape. Soul Chaser Betty is an action adventure
fantasy chock full of battles, fearsome creatures and sharp humor, all set in a small town during the
“awesome” 1980's. Get ready for a mythological action adventure that Ain't-It-Cool-News called,
“An incredible tale full of humor, great writing and an incredible artistic style...An engrossing read
from start to finish.”

Released in black and white, 176 page digest format, Soul Chaser Betty (ISBN: 978-0-9794751-0-8) is
priced at $14.95. The book will be available for pre-order at comic shops and through Diamond
Comics Previews during December, 2008. Fans of independent comics are urged to reserve copies in

Diamond Previews December Issue / Page 319 / Vendor: / Order Code

For more information on Betty, including a preview, visit

Brian Babendererde • [email protected] • • (847) 590-8322

Before turning his hand to comics, Brian “BMAN” Babendererde became known for his design and story
work for some of the most critically acclaimed electronic games of the last decade, including the seminal
adventure game Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity (PC), (in the top 25 of PC Gamer Magazine's
“Top 50 Games of All Time”), the revolutionary RPG SepterraCore: Legacy of the Creator (PC) which
won a cult following around the world, and PSI-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (PS2/XBOX), named by
Game Informer Magazine as one of the Top 25 Games that defined the XBOX. Brian's experience in the
cutting edge interactive story telling of games, coupled with a love of fantasy mythology, has formed the
bedrock on which his comic, Soul Chaser Betty, is built.

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