Deceased Anime Singer Eri Kawai Releases a Farewell Album

Yokohama, Japan - December 17, 2008 - Many have grown up to Eri Kawai's sweet singing from numerous anime titles. Throughout her lifetime she has built an impressive resume of theme songs for anime titles as well as a respectable number of solo releases. She has created the theme songs to such animes like ARIA, Fate/Stay Night, Rurouni Kenshin and many more. Recently, many fans were devastated to hear that the brilliant singer had passed away due to cancer earlier this year. Although Eri Kawaii made no announcements before her death, she was secretly working on a new solo album. somberly announces that they will be debuting her last album, Kaze no Michi e at for worldwide download. Kaze no Michi e or To the way of the wind, is a beautifully crafted album that features her last recorded works. The release features never before heard songs, some songs from her previous mini-release that were originally intended for this album as well as some bonus live versions of classic songs. Consider this the singer's farewell album to the world. Sales from her album will go to her remaining family. You can listen to samples and purchase the release here:

In other anime news, is also releasing the brand new album from Infix. Infix decided to remake all of their classic songs that they did for the Gundam and Kamen Rider Series many years ago. You can check out this release packed with 16 classic songs here: The album is discounted at 25%.

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Eri Kawai - Kaze no Michi e:
12 songs for 1710 yen
Infix - Winners Forever 21st Century:
16 songs for 1800 yen

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