Akiba Fest: Awesome Anime Singer Lineup at Pop the Rock Japan Music Showcase with Psychic Lover, Unicorn Table, Sister Mayo, Takayoshi Tanimoto and Shing02 with DJ Icewater

McClain, VA, December 19 – TenBu has announced their annual event, Akiba Fest: Pop the Rock Japan Music Showcase, will be taking place on April 4, 2009 at the University of Maryland, in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center. This is becoming the fastest growing Japanese pop concert event in the Mid-Atlantic. Featuring Anime and Sentai sensations, Psychic Lover, Unicorn Table, Sister Mayo (Project.R), Takayoshi Tanimoto (Project.R), and Special guest, Shing02 with DJ Icewater, this event will be drawing crowds spanning from New York to Georgia, and even the Midwest. This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in indulging in the wide talents of up-and-coming Japanese Entertainers.

Past Akiba Fest events have been very successful, generally attracting hundreds of attendees to pack local Northern, Virginia concert clubs, generating some of the largest crowds for an upstart Japanese music event in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region. Now with a new larger venue, The Pop the Rock Japan Music Showcase (PTRJMS) is Akiba Fest's fourth show since 2006 and will be their biggest production to date, making it a staple in the TenBu's Akiba Fest event lineups. With intention of becoming an annual Spring Time event, PTRJMS is intended to welcome all types of Japanese pop music entertainers while exposing wider American audiences to the Japanese pop music experience. In its debut show PTRJMS welcomes Japanese entertainers from, Anime, Sentai Hero shows, and will introduce the audience to Japanese Hip Hop.

Attending Artists from Japan will be:
Anime and Sentai Hero power rock group: Psychic Lover
Psychic Lover is the Adventure Band for the Next Generation! Their electro-rock theme songs for popular Power Ranger styled shows like "Magiranger," "Dekaranger," and others gained them a solid fan base all over the world. The band gained an anime fan following by doing the themes of "Witchblade" and "Transformers Amada" which appear on their debut album. Their latest song to gain hit status was created for the new anime series "Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monster GX. Currently they are working on more great music and yet another awesome show."

Presenting Brand new Music will be: Unicorn Table
Since first appearing at our Akiba fest's debut event, Unicorn Table has quickly become one of America's favorite J-pop bands! Their 2005 debut album, "uncountable" hit the U.S. market in 2007 under TenBu Productions and showcased the bands ability to energize listeners worldwide. The hit album features the theme song "Fly Away" from "Jinki:Extend," and the internationally famous song, "Amai Yume" from the anime series, "School Rumble". Unicorn Table returns to Akiba Fest to present brand new music from an upcoming 2009 album release!

Making her American Debut: Sister Mayo (Project.R)
Debuting as a vocalist for the Cyber Nation Network (CNN) Sister Mayo can be heard on "Love Tropicana" from the Anime "Hare=Guu" and theme songs for "Master of Moskiton '99," and "Beast Wars II: Transformers" among others. She had a critical hit with the song "Magical Force," from "Maho Sentai Majiranger" that kept her on the Oricon Charts for over 6 months and gained her a "Gold Disk" by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. In 2008 she joined the new "Battle Song" group Project.R (pronounced Project "dot" R) as the main female vocalist and has already helped launch the groups first hit with "Engine First Lap" from the TV program "Engine Sentai Go-onger."

Also making an American Debut: Takayoshi Tanimoto (Project.R)
Widely known for the opening theme of "Konjiki no Gash Bell" and character songs from "Kamen Rider 555," Tanimoto's hit making lyric writing and production skills can also be heard on character songs for "Prince of Tennis" and on remixes for "Onegai My Melody" among others. Tanimoto is also a prized member of the new power pack Battle Song unit Project.R (pronounced "Project "dot" R) that has created songs for the adventure programs, "Enshin Sentai Go-On-Jya" and "Go-Onger Engine First Lap."

And with a special guest performance by J Hip Hop MC Shing02 with DJ Icewater
While breaking into the Anime market with the legendary opening Hip Hop theme song "Battlecry" from "Samurai Champloo," Shing02 had already been making waves in Japan and the on San Francisco bay area underground hip hop hits since 93. In these circles Shing02 is known for working with great musicians and being a rap activist, peace advocate, and inventor. He is constantly envisioning new music with the many crews he works with and other great collaborators of the Jazz and hip hop world. Shing02 comes to us with DJ Icewater on the fumes of his hot new album: "Y-Kyoku".

In addition to the music, there will also be giveaways, vendors, Entertainer signings and other entertainment that will be announce in the coming months. The event is open to all ages and begins at 5PM. More information on the entertainers and the show can be found at www.afxakibafest.com

This event is sponsored in part by Otaku USA magazine, Digikoto, Go Media, yunmaoayakawa.com, Cove Pirate Mercenary Web Comic.

Akiba Fest
Akiba Fest is a Japanese event platform designed to give a rapidly growing American fan base access to authentic Japanese Pop Culture by ways of music concerts and other events that feature live entertainment directly from Japan.

Pop the Rock Japan Music Showcase (PTRJMS)
Pop the Rock Japan Music Showcase is Akiba Fest's annual concert event that presents a variety of Japanese Pop Music to a growing American Fan base. PTRJMS features Japanese artists who sing Rock, Pop, Anime and Game themes, Hip Hop and R&B. Audiences are treated to live concerts and other entertainment from the Japanese pop entertainment world.

TenBu Productions LLC is an Asian Pop Entertainment, production, and distribution company, formed to promote Asian entertainment products and talents in the U.S. market. TenBu also services many U.S. events and conventions by booking and managing talents from the Japanese entertainment field.

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