Crunchyroll Streams More Tai Seng Entertainment Dramas and Martial Arts Theater Collection Titles

Asian Celebrities Li Qi An, Yeung Tak Cheong, Cheng Dodo, Ng Cheuk Hai, Lai Mei Han, Mao Huafeng, Shiu Mei Ki, Raymond Lam, Ti Lung, Tang Chui Man, Leila Tong, Leung Chiu Wai, Wu Ting Yan, Yeung Yi Appear on the Number One Online Destination for Anime and Asian Entertainment

San Francisco, CA (June 29, 2009) — Crunchyroll and Tai Seng Entertainment streams more new dramas and kung-fu action titles on the number one (1) online destination for anime and asian content … Crunchyroll! More information can be found at

Titles that are/will-be-shortly streaming for free on the highly popular and legal site include:

· TWIN OF BROTHERS (episodes 1-21)

These titles are available to all Crunchyroll fans and members residing in the U.S., American Samoa, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and Virgin Islands.

Title Synopsis:

TWIN OF BROTHERS (episodes 1-21)
Legend has it that the “Immortality Routine” is the key to the “Yeung's Treasure”. Kau Chung (Lam Raymond) and Tsu Chi Ling (Ng Cheuk Hai) learn the martial arts tricks in the “Immortality Routine” by chance. They suddenly become the most wanted people in the martial world. Luckily, they are always saved by a nun named Sze Fei Huen (Tong Leila). LING loves HUEN from the first sight. However, she is a sacred virgin and cannot have any love affair. On the other hand, a girl Wan (Wu Ting Yan) from an unorthodox sect loves LING.

Meanwhile, CHUNG and LING meet Lee Sai Man (Yeung Tak Cheong), who later becomes the Tang Dynasty Prince, and his sister Lee Sau Ning (Yeung Yi). CHUNG is attracted to NING and so works for them. Unfortunately, NING is engaged to a tycoon Chai Shiu (Mao Huafeng), who is jealous of CHUNG and tries to harm him. CHUNG swears to create his own success and draws a line with MAN. In fact, CHUNG's argumentative friend Sung Yuck Chi (Li Qi An) loves him secretly.

Cheung Tsui Shan (Yam Tat Wah) of the Mo Dong Sect and Yan So So (Cheng Dodo) of the Ting Ying Sect are taken hostage by Tse Shun, known as the Gold Lion, to the Ice and Volcanic Island because of the Dragon Sabre. SHAN marries SO on the island and their son Cheung Mo Kei (Leung Chiu Wai) is born there too. Ten years later, SHAN and his family returns to the mainland, only to find SHAN wanted by the people in the martial world for the whereabouts of the Dragon Sabre. In the end, SHAN and SO have to kill themselves.

When KEI grows up, he gets the Dragon Sabre and the Nine Yang Scripture by chance and makes a name for himself because of his invincible kung fu skills. On the other hand, he gets entangled with three women, namely Chow Chi Yeuk (Tang Chui Man), Chiu Man (Lai Mei Han), and Siu Chiu (Shiu Mei Ki)…

The amazing TI LUNG (A Better Tomorrow, Drunken Master 2) stars in this martial arts epic in the great Shaw Brothers tradition! Ti Lung is a naïve, mediocre martial arts working for an evil clan leader who wants to rule the martial arts world by possessing a mythical kung fu manual. Thanks to a powerful female fighter and a mysterious drunken hermit, Ti becomes the leader of a massive sect as he fights the evil clan in a supreme kung fu tournament! INHERITOR OF KUNG FU is old fashioned, Shaw Brothers-style kung fu fighting from beginning to end!

While solving a burglary case, Superintendent Yang finds himself penetrating deep into the reclusive Green Dragon Society, and uncovers a shocking conspiracy as well as the secrets behind the legendary Deadly Sword. Based on a short story by the popular martial arts novelist Ku Lung, THE DEADLY SWORD is a compelling kung fu mystery filled with fabulous fights and intriguing plots that will have you guessing until the very end!

It's monk vs. monk in a classic kung fu fight to the death! As invading Manchu warriors, led by a vicious abbot general, seek to destroy all 3,000 master fighters at the Shaolin Temple, the monastery's only hope is an insane, drunken monk outcast! Shot on location and with absolutely terrific Shaolin martial arts, WAR OF THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE is an extremely rousing kung fu adventure that is entertaining from beginning to end!

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