Alteil Reborn with Improved Game Engine and New Features

It's a whole new game! Alteil has been overhauled inside and out, transforming your experience. New players have all new ways to learn, veterans have all new ways to improve, and everyone in between has more options and more ways to play!

-Single Player Mode: Want to learn or just perfect the flow of your new Card File? Mix it up with our computer controlled opponents for a while before taking it to the big leagues.

-Duel Spectators: Now you can watch the experts duel! Take in a match for fun, or to learn advanced tricks. Chat with others ‘in the bleachers’. You can also still have Private Duels if you're shy, but you get bonus EXP and FM for letting in spectators.

-New Avatar System: Avatars now have a ton more options and eight layers! New categories include Armor, Hair and Backpack. To celebrate, we've added dozens of new Avatar items into the shop. You've got to check out all the new options!

-New Game Engine: The back end has been replaced with a more advanced one that will increase game stability, enable new skill types and the addition of future upgrades.

-New Website: Our sleek new website makes it easy to keep up with new releases, check out info on cards and read strategy articles. The new design actually makes it fun to read news!

-New Rulebook: The various how-to's and tutorials on our main site have been tossed out in favor of a single, unified, well-organized rule book. If you want to do anything from just skim the basics (with lots of pictures), to figure out how to micro-manage an obscure timing rule, the new Rulebook is the place for you!

-Demo Mode: Always wanted to try Alteil but didn't want to make an account until you were sure you liked it? Demo mode lets you one-click to a battle with a trial character. Give the link to your friends to show them Alteil!

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