Pop Japan Travel's Manga Juku Tour to Attend Lessons at a Manga University

Gardena, CA (May 14, 2010) - On the heels of their successful yaoi-themed Fujoshi Paradise Tour, Pop Japan Travel, the world's premier provider of Japanese Pop Culture-themed tours, is pleased to announce their latest tour geared towards manga enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike: the Manga Juku Tour. Organized in cooperation with Kintetsu Travel and Nihon Manga Juku in Tokyo (http://www.mangajuku.co.jp/), the tour gives participants a chance to learn the fundamental skills needed to create their own manga - straight from the professionals who have helped train and support Japan's own manga artists for generations.

"It's an exciting opportunity," says Gigi Guiting, director of operations for Pop Japan Travel. "A lot of manga fans in North America have had to develop their skills by studying on their own, so we're happy we can help give them a boost." The tour will also visit Japan's most prestigious art stores, an art studio, and other famous sites in Tokyo.

To give the artists who sign up an extra boost, Pop Japan Travel is also giving away a free set of screentones for manga to anyone who signs up for the tour. Used to create backgrounds and shading in traditional hand drawn manga, the tones are still a major component of manga production in Japan. People interested in learning more about the tour are invited to visit http://www.popjapantravel.com/ or e-mail go (at popjapantravel.com) for more information.

DIGITAL MANGA'S POP JAPAN TRAVEL is the original and premiere provider of pop culture themed tours of Japan. Since 2003, PJT has operated more than 15 tours with themes focused on Japanese anime, manga, games and more. Pop Japan tours offer a careful balance of the hyper-modern world of J-pop culture and the rich traditions of ancient Japan, and PJT is the ONLY tour agency to provide exclusive experiences such as visits to anime and game studios, meetings with manga artists, and more.

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