A Shower of New Vocaloid Releases from HearJapan

Yokohama, Japan - June 8th, 2010 - As June brings rain to Japan, HearJapan brings rain-themed Vocaloid tracks to your ears!

The rainy season in Japan (known as "tsuyu" or "plum rain") begins roughly around June and runs through July. It is a time when things slow down and some people might spend a little more time inside with someone special.

HearJapan is enjoying this time with a shower of new Vocaloid material. 12 new releases have just landed from a wide range of artists working in many different genres. For instance, there's the traditional sounding folk of "Saka no Machi to Ame" by InashikiJoshu that features a duet with Hatsune Miku and MEIKO on vocals. Buriru's "Amedoki Lover" celebrates having to be stuck inside together with a jazzy number. If it's a dance party you're looking for, the cue up the euro-trance track "Ameoto Kishikan" by X-Plorex. Or if it's something more literal your want, then the gently shimmering "Broken Rain" by Shinjou-P is sure to evoke pleasant visions of the gently falling rain.

So take a moment to admire the rain, or simply enjoy the comforts inside, with your favorite Vocaloid tunes from HearJapan as the soundtrack.



Buriru - Amedoki Lover

wato - Ame, Irodoreba

ShinjouP - Broken rain

BIRUGE - skip;drop

X-Plorez - Ameoto Kishikan

Inashiki Joshu - Saka no Machi to Ame

TeraKomuroP - in the rain

KID P - Ameoto to Itsuwari no Waltz

valP - Rainy Day

TawashiP - Hecto-Pastel

Wonderful opportunity! - my rain

AVTechNO! - Six Under UG

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