Voice Actress Wins Cosplay Award on Yahoo! Movies

LOS ANGELES, CA- 7/27/10

Anime and video game voice actress Cristina Vee was recognized on Yahoo! Movies when her cosplay of X-Men heroine "Psylocke" was awarded "Most Realistic" Comic-Con costume. Cristina was spotted July 3rd on the KTLA Morning News in her Haruhi Suzumiya costume, which she wore to portray the popular character in Bandai's Adventures of the ASOS Brigade. The popular sequel BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is due to hit the shelves today with Vee portraying four playable characters.


Cristina Vee's Psylocke cosplay on Yahoo! Movies http://movies.yahoo.com/photos/collections/gallery/2770/yahoo-favorite-comic-con-costumes#photo0

Cristina Vee's official website: http://www.cristinavee.com

ABOUT CRISTINA VEE Cristina ‘Vee’ Valenzuela is a anime and video game voice actress residing near Los Angeles, California. Her story from an anime fan and cosplayer to a professional voice actress and singer is a unique one. She was invited to the Bang Zoom studios at the age of 16 to audition and they have since honed her talent. Now at 22, she has starred in anime such as Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha as the title character, Rozen Maiden as Kanaria, The Familiar of Zero as Louise, and Aika in Aika R-16. Other anime roles include parts in Kannazuki no Miko, Hare + Guu, and The Blade of the Immortal (Machi) among others. She also has voiced for popular video games such as Luminous Arc 2, Rune Factory Frontier, Avalon Code, Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, and Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. She has also performed in numerous theatrical productions and starred in independant films.

Cristina has also gained popularity through her YouTube channel as MilkyCabbage and ValliereVee with her English dubs and Japanese covers of anime songs. She has co-hosted Anime Olympics in the past and is now a host for Revision3's AnimeTV which is also featured on Comcast on Demand. You can also see Cristina in the Adventures in Voice Acting documentary. She was cast as Haruhi Suzumiya in Bandai Entertainment's web marketing campaign, The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade.

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