Toradora! Volume 2 Premium Edition and PERSONA -trinity soul- Volume 2 Premium Edition Released

Santa Ana, CA – NIS America announced today that “Toradora! Volume 2 Premium Edition” and “PERSONA -
trinity soul- Volume 2 Premium Edition” has been released. Both series are available at select retails, Right Stuf,
The Anime Corner Store, Anime Castle, and NIS America's Online Store. For our enthusiastic fans, each title
comes in a premium edition package, including 13 episodes on 2 DVDs and a hardcover art book.

Toradora! Volume 2 Premium Edition

The high school romantic comedy continues as Ryuji and Taiga slowly begin to understand their feelings not just towards their crushes, but what they mean to one another. Christmas pageants, complete with a beautiful song, come and go. During a school trip to a ski resort, Ryuji will learn the truth about Taiga's heart. What will he do with this knowledge? The tiger and dragon stand together, but are they strong enough to face the obstacles life will throw at them?

PERSONA -trinity soul- Volume 2 Premium Edition

The peaceful days at Ayanagi city came to an end for the Kanzato brothers when the eldest brother, Ryo, disappeared one night. His childhood sweetheart was found dead and he was the prime suspect. Shin and Jun deal with the loss of their only remaining family while taking up their brother's will to use their Personas to fight against the dark presence growing in the city. It is up to Shin and his Persona to stop the distortion and bring an end to the Marebito and their twisted goals of exploiting Personas.

About NIS America

NIS America is a subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc., a Japanese company famous for its unique line of strategy RPGs including titles such as Disgaea, Phantom Brave, and Makai Kingdom. In 2003, NIS America was established in Southern California to publish exciting and innovative Japanese culture for North America. NIS America's team members devote themselves to the fans. Our respect for our fans is at the heart of everything we do. As a growing entertainment publisher in the U.S., we are committed to continuous improvement and dedication.

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