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Kiseki Magazine celebrates 1st year anniversary.

Celebrating it's 1st year Anniversary, Kiseki has original serialized manga running each issue along with articles, reviews and plenty of competitions with prizes from their sponsors Madman, Wacom, Siren Visual and Copic.

The word Kiseki in Japanese is 奇跡 which means "Miracle". A Miracle is something that is a wonder, something that evokes admiration, awe and surprise. This magazine aspires to reach out to Australia with a variety of beautifully-drawn manga and illustrations from talented artists and live up to the name of Kiseki.

Circulated around Australia nationwide in BORDERS now and selected newsagencies, please go to your nearest store and purchase a copy and help support Kiseki.
For past issues, you can order at BORDERS or purchase on their online store www.kisekimanga.com/shop.

If you would like to follow Kiseki, please visit www.kisekimanga.com (New site will be up asap!) and http://kisekimanga.deviantart.com.
Or become a fan on www.facebook.com/kisekimanga

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