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Date: February 5-6th 2011
Venue: The Rocket Complex, London Metropolitian University

London Anime Con is London's Anime & Gaming Convention for some 600-700 attendees. You can watch Anime, Play Video Games, Show off your Artwork/chill with artists in the Artist Alley, dress up and enter our Cosplay Events, buy Anime & Manga from our dealers room, enter events like our DDR Tournament and pub quiz, learn Japanese Culture, check out our Trading Card Zone, listen to live-music and party away all night! View our activities at and our confirmed events so far at


You can still get discounted entry to London Anime Con (on 5th-6th Feb) if you register at We advise to book soon, since discount tickets (the first 300 or by the end of the year, whichever happens sooner) are going fast! It's a reduced £8 for one day or £15 for both days for a discount ticket, or still a very reasonable £10 if you pay on the day.

As always you can check out news on our latest guests, bands, DJs, and events on the official forums at We suggest to register and get to know other London Anime Con attendees beforehand!


We can confirm that our live-bands shall be D'Estre, Sonic Dragologo and Mechanical Sunrise which represents our complete live-music lineup. These are top-notch bands who have played at many anime-related events in the past including the Expo just gone, Cosplay Fever's book launch and at the J-Pop Gos.

You can Check them out at -

We feel this has an excellent mix of J-Pop, Visual Kei and Cult music for our attendees to party along to on the Saturday and Sunday evenings!


We're pleased to confirm that the DJs attending for the Sunday night party shall be the ever-popular WOTA London! For the uninitated, WOTA London do regular club night events which bring 'Otaku' culture to London. They'll be playing the latest anime songs on the dancefloor, as well as Galge game songs by artists such as I've. Tokusatsu, BL, Touhou & Vocaloid songs. You can check them out at

We are aiming to bring in a top-quality DJ for the Saturday night, and we would like to invite you all to give your recommendations. Expect an announcement on that before the end of the year.


As part of our desire to change things around a bit, London Anime Con shall have completely different dealers in the dealers-room on the Saturday and Sunday!

The variety this time is a lot wider than previously, with a jewelry dealer, a contact lens dealer (useful for cosplay!), A BJD dealer and a japanese related dealer in addition to the normal dvd dealers, manga dealers and toy dealers. We also aim to bring in a couple of companies to sell food and cosplay!

The Dealers Room is open Saturday from 1pm until 8pm, and on Sunday from midday until 6pm.

Check out all the dealers we have at


The Sunday will see the launch of the first ever UK Manga Festival! The dealers room will switch over to the Manga Small-press, specialist dealers and dealers that you would not normally find. To get the highest quality of artists attending and to help support aspiring artists and build the Manga Community in this country, tables will be free (provided they buy a standard two-day ticket beforehand), with us basing attendance on the quality of the work and that alone!

The Sunday will also see us putting on several manga and cosplay demonstrations, workshops and presentations throughout the day, as well as a majorly expanded artists alley and cosplay workshop.

But that is not all, the highlight of the Festival will come with the UK Manga Festival Awards - a series of awards which will recognise the best manga artists in the UK, both upcoming and established. Anyone can submit their work to the awards, regardless of whether they are attending or not. These awards will present a fantastic chance to showcase your work to an audience and get your name out there. More details to follow as we announce catergories and how judging will work.


We're pleased to announce that the bring and buy will take place on the Sunday. Make sure to bring along your anime goods and we will sell them for you. Note that a 10% commission will be taken which will go toward con-funds.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in here. We will be putting up the official forms for it early next year.


We have a series of even more exciting announcements to come as we put together our largest and most exciting event that we've ever done! Make sure to stay tuned!

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