Entertainment Media Show on November 27 & 28 2010 at Olympia 2, Hammersmith Road, London

Get ready for the winter event of 2010 bought to you by Showmasters (who also run the extremely popular London Film and Comic Con)! The Entertainment Media Show has something for everyone, whether you enjoy cosplay, anime, manga, video gaming, sci-fi, fantasy or movies! One of the many guests attending shall be Chris Sabbat. He's best known for voicing Vegeta and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z. He has voiced in over SIXTY anime which include Ayame Sohma in Fruits Basket, Alex Louis Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist, Cross Marian in D.Gray-man, and Roronoa Zoro in One Piece.

In total there are over SEVENTY FIVE guests attending including Chris Judge (Star Gate), David Prowse (Darth Vader) and many more. You can check out all the guests at http:// www.entertainmentmediashow.com/

Now with SIX Fan-Zones, giving something for everyone!

Anime Zone – For your latest anime content, exhitors and free voice-actor signings! Cosplay Zone – For workshops, stage events such as masquerade, chillout and photography! Video Gaming Zone – For tournaments, retro-gaming, modern-gaming, dance gaming and more! Japanese Culture Zone - Caligraphy, Origami, Kimono trials, Japanese Lessons, Para dancing & martial arts lessons and more! Comics Zone– An entire village of small-press artists, guests and an artists alley to chill out. Trading Card Zone – Magic The Gathering, Yu Gi Oh Tournaments and more! Bring your decks!

At £10 before 11am and just £5 after 11am, the show is great value for an amazing experience!


The Entertainment Media Show is going cosplay-mad this year, with a bigger and better cosplay zone. Make sure to stop by to check out -

- The Cosplay Workshops. Throughout the day there will be an area set aside where expert cosplayers will demonstrate various aspects of cosplay making. Interested in how to make that perfect costume? Check it out! - Cosplay Chillout. Tired after all that cosplaying? Come, pull up a chair and chill out in the cosplay zone. With tables provided it's also an excellent place to do any repairs or alterations to your costumes. - Cosplay Photo Zone. Cosplay Portrait (http://www.cosplayportrait.com) will be providing a full on site studio with backdrop, lighting and photo printing. All photos taken will immediately be available for you to buy. These images will be fully mounted and can bagged ready to display!

Also! Come to the Second Stage for even more cosplay! Not only will there be the ever-popular cosplay masquerade, but there shall also be a series of talks by professional costume-designers Khaos Kostumes. Tab Kimpton will be presenting several panels including -

- Making the most of your masquerade moment. Being in a masquerade is pretty scary, especially if you've never done it before. This guide covers tips for how to act on stage. It will cover walking, posing and how to hold weapons and props correctly. Matthew Fielder is trained in several forms of martial arts so will be giving advice for how to correctly pose for characters. You only get the stage

for a moment - this is how to make the most of it! - Skit guide. Sometimes you want to do a little more on stage than just pose- this panel is for you! This is a guide for anyone who wants to do a skit on stage, including advice for scripting, practicing, tech and much more. Includes a Q&A so you can get advice specific to any ideas you have. - The Steampunk guide. This panel will cover information about what Steampunk is (and isn't! ), where it came from, and most importantly- how to do it! Includes advice for where to find inspiration, where to get items, and how to make things yourself. Also includes advice for anyone thinking of making a Steampunk character- where to start and how to develop one further.


The Japanese Culture Zone shall be organised and presented by Akemi Solloway and her team. Expert lecturer and consultant Akemi is the daughter of a traditional Samurai family and learned in the traditional arts and cultures of Japan. She is involved with the Bunkasai - a Japanese Cultural event in London due to take place on 5th March 2011. You can read more about this and Akemi at http://www.akemisolloway.com

There will be workshops which will go on continually throughout the day and which will be entirely for free. You can drop in at any time and find out and take part in Japanese Caligraphy, Origami, the art of paper-folding, Trying on traditional Kimonos, Taking part in Tea Ceremony, learning how to speak Japanese and more.

On stage there will also be talks for Kimono and Tea Ceremony, Bushido, the Samurai Way of Life, Japanese Life-Style and Culture, Para Para Dancing, Japanese Martial Arts and more.


Grab your friends and come along to the Video Game Zone to challenge others across a variety of multi-player games!

Even more of the latest games and contests shall be bought to you by the Animeleague Crew of http://www.animeleague.net/. DS:London of http://www.dslondon.net/ shall also be in attendance, so make sure to bring your DS along for their tournaments!

Modern Gaming with the latest systems and games. Retro Gaming with all your favorite consoles. Handheld Corner - make sure to bring your DS! DDR/Stepmania with your favorite tunes.

There shall be eight knock-out tournaments with a first prize of £10 to the winner of each in some of the latest games! So make sure to come along and compete!


Consisting of an entire village of small-press artists, guests and an artists alley to chill out, the Comics Zone is the place to be for those interested in comics, manga, or for people to chill out and learn more about how to draw and to get your work published.

Central to this zone is the Artists Alley. The Artists Alley is for amateur comic & manga artists to chill out, draw and meet other artists. No experience required and absolute beginneers are more than welcome!

At the very front of the Artist Alley resides the Art Wall that will be up throughout the day for you to pin your artwork to. The top three pieces of artwork as judged by our panel of professionals at the end of the day will win prizes!

There shall be numerous events, talks, panels and workshops going on throughout the day in this zone. This shall include a Doll Meet, a panel on BJD, The Art Arena (where the best artists compete against one another!), a manga workshop, a portfolio building workshop, life drawing classes and much much more!


Attendees should start saving up now for the many-many anime dealers who shall be selling your favourite DVDs, manga, merchandise and goodies in the Anime Zone!

Or if you get tired of all the frantic action, why not sit down and chillout watching some of your favorite anime bought to the very first time to Entertainment Media Show? We shall be showing various titles throughout the day from 9am in the morning right through to closing time!

And if that wasn't enough, voice-actor Chris Sabbat shall be doing free signings throughout the day!


There will be an entire zone dedicated to card gaming, so make sure to bring your decks along! The Videodrome Of Worcester will be running Officially Sanctioned, prize tournaments in both YuGiOh! and Magic The Gathering. Big Prizes will be available on each day for booster draft tournaments. Casual play and trading areas will also be provided with a wide range of single cards, boosters, booster boxes and deck protector supplies will be available.


For all the latest news and information why not join up on the forums at http:// www.showmastersonline.com/forums A great chance to get to know fellow attendees beforehand and to discuss the event!

Location - Olympia 2, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX
Admission - £5 after 11am, or £10 if before 11am. Entry is only £3 for under 12s.

Website - http://www.entertainmentmediashow.com/
Forums - http://www.showmastersonline.com/forum
Email - [email protected]

Full venue, travel and carparking info at http://entertainmentmediashow.com/index.php?option=com_flexicontent&view=items&cid=67&id=31&Itemid=5

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