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TOKYO, JAPAN – DECEMBER 10 Animate U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to bring you the new December release lineup for the Amazon Kindle Store!

Libre presents two new exciting Kindle exclusive titles! Yaoi fans both new and old are sure to enjoy reading the latest releases by beloved mangaka You Higashino and Youka Nitta. Be sure not to miss these two exciting chapters coming to you this December exclusively for the Kindle, brought to you by Libre!

For more information, please visit which just relaunched,, and to keep on top of all things about Youka Nitta,, and Ayano Yamane,!!

December 2010:
You Higashino – “Hyper Loving A Maniac Part 1- Fundraising Version” Simultaneous Release!!! & KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!
Youka Nitta - " Sound of My Voice - Boku no Koe - Part 6" KINDLE EXCLUSIVE!!!

"Hyper Loving A Maniac Part 1- Fundraising Version" by You Higashino

This is Libre's first “simultaneous release”! This means that the book is being released as a paperback book and digital book in Japan, as well as an English digital version on Kindle available all over the world. This may be the first time a simultaneous release has ever been done in Japan! Don't miss your chance to be a part of it!

With this wondrous notebook, whenever the otaku-like Morita writes down his fantasies about his lover Sakura, they will surely come true.
* If I was a teacher and Sakura was a female student receiving extra lessons...
* If I was a pirate and Sakura was the stubborn son of a nobleman...
* If I was a fox spirit and Sakura was a Shinto priest... etc.
How are Morita's fantasy scenarios with Sakura granted!?
All of the answers can be found in this comic...!!

"Sound of My Voice - Boku no Koe - Part 6" by Youka Nitta

Youka Nitta fans may remember when the first volume of this manga was released by CMX. Volume 1 has now been released to the Kindle, and if you want to see how the story continues, you'll need to start getting your Kindle copies because Volume 2 has never been released in English until now! Be sure to catch the exciting continuation of this story as it becomes available for the Kindle.

Voice actors Jouchi and Kazama are on the rise.
Anxious about their uncertain futures, they have been accepting every job that comes their way.
Kazama strains himself and loses his voice - the tool of his trade - so Jouchi attacks him with his uncontrollable desire.
"If you look like you're going to let out your voice, I'll restrain you from speaking..."
However, he doesn't realize the circumstances it will lead to...
Meanwhile, the love between the veteran voice actors Kurokawa and Hosaka is wavering dangerously!?

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