Anime Fans Give Back to Japan: A New 10-Hour Podcasting Marathon

Anime Fans Give Back to Japan: A New 10-Hour Podcasting Marathon

NEW YORK, NY - March 26th, 2011 - The anime community is coming together to support the people of Japan in their time of need. On our March 19th-March 20th 24 Hour Podcast we managed to raise over $30,000, an achievement for anime fans everywhere, far surpassing what we would have thought. We will be running a 10 hour podcasting marathon live on UStream from 12:00PM EST on through 10:00PM EST on Sunday, March 27th. The stream will be available on our website ( We are looking make a total of $40,000 through GlobalGiving ( for those in Japan. Here are just a few of the guests that will be joining us from the anime industry:

  • Christopher Sabat
  • Melodee Spevack
  • Michael McConnohie
  • Robert Axelrod
  • Barbara Goodson
  • Kirk Thornton
  • Neil Kaplan
  • Stephanie Young
  • Adam Sheehan
  • Charlene Ingram
  • Tristan MacAvery
  • Spike Spencer

ABOUT ANIME FANS GIVE BACK TO JAPAN - Anime Fans Give Back to Japan was started by The One Piece Podcast and a conglomeration of many other podcasts including Konoha Corner, The SSAA Podcast, Chainsaw Buffet, and That Anime Show in an effort to bring together the anime community to help victims of the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. We have posted a video that we hope will spread awareness for this event: ( We will continue to hold events for those who suffered from this disaster throughout the next few months.

Anime Fans Give Back to Japan
Cost to Listen: Free

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