Premium Live of "MUCC Day" is Now Available for Viewing on Ustream through Paid Service

Tickets Sold Out in 6 Minutes, but Rest Assured!
Premium Live of “MUCC Day” is Now Available for Viewing
On Ustream through Paid Service

Ustream Channel:

MAVERICK DC Group (CEO: Masahiro Oishi) and Ustream Asia Inc. (‘Ustream Asia’ hereafter / CEO: Tomotaka Nakagawa) in cooperation of Sync Music Japan, a project organized to expand Japanese music market to a global scale, will provide paid service for the live streaming of “MUCC Day” on 6/9 (Thurs) to all the viewers around the world.

As the number 69 can be pronounced ‘Mukku’ in Japanese, which is how the band name MUCC is pronounced, 6/9 has been designated as “MUCC Day” over the years. MUCC plans and hosts a special event for “MUCC Day” every year and this year, they're brining you a special live. The live title is “Maniac Parade 97~11,” taking parts of the titles from their Budokan 2DAYS “Chemical Parade” and “history GIGS97~11” and putting them together with ‘Maniac’ in front. This will most definitely be a special event that any fans would love to watch. There is no doubt that this live will be a ‘super’ live in many ways.

Unfortunately, the sad news was that the tickets were sold out only in 6 minutes when the ticketing began on 5/29! So, the urgent decision was made to broadcast it live on Ustream through paid service. Just as it was for the viewing of their Budokan live, the ticket for paid service is only 690 yen!!

Their previous viewing through paid service for Budokan live on 5/22 attracted many fans from 23 different countries around the world, proving that MUCC stands strong as an active band around the world. With great success of Budokan 2DAYS lives and their contract with a new music label, MUCC are taking another big step for a new beginning. Make sure to keep a close eye on their action not only for this year, but also for many years to come!

■Title: MUCC “Maniac Parade 97~11”
■Date & Time: 6/9/2011 (Thurs) OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00 (JST)
■Venue: Shinkiba STUDIO COAST

【USTREAM Live Streaming Info】
■Ticket Price: 690 yen (tax in)
■Ticketing Period: 6/3(Fri) 17:00 ~ 6/9 (Thurs) end of the live
■Ustream Channel:
■Live Streaming Begins at:
19:00 (Tokyo)
14:00 (Moscow)
12:00 (Paris)
11:00 (London)
8:00 (Sao Paulo)
6:00 (New York)
3:00 (Los Angeles)

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