Sierra Nevada Anime Fans Unite Convention (SNAFU Con) in Reno, Nevada, Returns for its Second Year, September 9th Through September 11th

SNAFU Con, the first anime convention to hit the northern Nevada region, is a few months short of kicking off its second year. SCIENCE, LLC, the creators of Sierra Nevada Anime Fans Unite Convention (SNAFU Con), is a company formed by former UNR student, Meghan Doyle and Sparks native, Nathan Sindar. The convention will take place at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada from Friday, September 9th to Sunday, the 11th. It will be a weekend of fun, nerdiness, and general geekdom. To help kick off this second year of SNAFU Con, a number of well-known guests will be showing up.

Darrel Guilbeau is an American-based anime and video game voice actor best known for his roles as the voice of Alfred Darlton in Code Geass and Layle in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. We'll also be joined by Lisle Wilkerson, a voice actor from Tokyo who has performed multiple roles in the Tekken series, including Nina Williams and Christie Monteiro, as well as hosting a number of radio and television shows. Quinton Flynn is an A-list voice actor, best known for his work as Raiden in Metal Gear, as well as Reno from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Steve Nunez, a.k.a. Warky T. Chocobo, is a talented LDS "Mormon" singer and lyricist with his parody group, "They Might Be Elders" and is breaking into the Voice Acting scene with his latest role as the narrator in the full cast audiobook series, "Prophecy of the Flame".

The author of the “Prophecy of the Flame” series, Lynn Hardy will also be joining us at SNAFU Con, along with a few others who are helping create the audiobook series. First off is Preston Cowley, the voice of Merithin, the wise, old sorcerer. Also joining us will be Matt Cole, the voice of Manager Bontrager. Last, but not least is Christopher Escalante, a talented media music composer helping to bring “Prophecy of the Flame” to life by writing the music for the audio book series. Lynn is also the creator of Agape Assistance and is using the book series to help fund its efforts to help homeless families. For more information, check out

What anime convention would be complete without cosplay? This year, SNAFU Con will be joined by a handful of guests from the cosplaying community. WindoftheStars is an internationally renowned costume designer, re-creator and cosplay model. Dr Hikaru is a veteran in the anime convention scene and has won awards in both craftsmanship and performance. DaydreamerNessa and Kasou of the Paper Hearts Cosplay are two very talented cosplayers and have taken on a number of diverse and challenging projects.

Along with all these great guests, we've also got plenty of bells and whistles that come with every great anime convention. An artists alley and vendor room will be set up for those of you who like to bring home memories of your con experience. We're also putting together a manga compilation and we're calling any artists interested in having their work shown off to tons of people to come help us build an amazing work of art. Multiple gaming areas will also be provided. The tabletop area will include a number of RPG's, card games, and board games. A game room will be set up as well, with games such as Super Street Fighter IV, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Rock Band, and a selection of titles dating all the way back to the NES. Some arcade machines will be set up as well, including Dance Dance Revolution, ParaPara Paradise, and more.

In between games, pictures, anime, and panels, we've also got some great events lined up for the convention. Three dances will be held, including a general dance, ballroom dance, and a family-friendly rave featuring DJ DarkO, also known as Dark Orochi and DJ Kaminari. For those of you less experienced or perhaps just a little rusty, we'll be offering lessons in Salsa, Tango, Cha Cha, Swing, Hustle, and Merengue. To top it all off, SNAFU Con is throwing a concert featuring Kurenai!

So hop online and get your badges ordered because registration costs are slowly rising as the con grows closer and at-door prices will be $35. Order your badges right away to save some money, and while you're at it, don't forget to get a hotel room. SNAFU Con is taking place inside the Grand Sierra Resort and they've got some great deals on rooms so you can be right where the action is at the drop of a hat.

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