Samurai Factory Donates Over 70,000 books in Tohoku Manga Donation Campaign

Tokyo-based Samurai Factory announced that they have donated a total of over 70,000 manga and picture books throughout the areas affected by the earthquake/tsunami of March 11th in Tohoku Japan

Aug 19, 2011 - Samurai Factory announced that they have completed delivery of over 70,000 manga and picture books to affected areas in the northeastern Tohoku region of Japan, which was most affected by the earthquake/tsunami of March 11th. The campaign began with an appeal to users of their Ninja Tools family of services in early-mid April, and with the assistance of many non-profit and volunteer organizations they were able to deliver the collected books to areas where the displaced and affected youth could be reached. Destinations included evacuation centers, temporary housing and library facilities in addition to regional schools.

Samurai Factory president Kenichi Kashiwagi explains the motivation behind the campaign. “At the time of the earthquake and tsunami in March, we knew that there would be great instability in the lives of the people of Tohoku. Through the power of manga we aimed to provide a means for those affected to unwind and find some peace of mind.” Kashiwagi says that the initial goal was to collect 20,000 books, but due to the intense response they were able to collect over 70,000 books from all across Japan, and that books arrived from each of the 47 prefectures of Japan and from China and Korea as well.

For more on Samurai Factory's Manga Donation Campaign, please visit (Japanese)

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