Berserk Silver Accessories - Art of War Releasing Guts Ring

24th August 2011, Tokyo, Japan – ART OF WAR has released the latest Berserk project, Guts Ring. A high level of detail is featured in this product. In order to color the helmet and give it a realistic metallic look, ART OF WAT spent enormous amount of time revising the design and oxidizing the surface of silver.

Every feature and every detail of Guts' face has been well represented, such as Guts' eyes, teeth and even hair. The fantastic finishing was all done by Japanese skilled workers. The detail of the sculpt makes it feel authentic. This product is not only a silver ring but also a brilliant artwork.

There are two versions of Guts Ring. One is with Berserker helmet, 66,000 Japanese Yen. Another version is without helmet, 44,000 Japanese Yen. Additionally, this ring is carefully polished and engraved with the Brand and a serial number. A fine black ring case is attached. The weight of this ring is around 70g (Japanese Ring Size: 21/ including the helmet). It is handcrafted, so the production is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.


KENSIN CO., LTD under its Japanese brand ART OF WAR was established in 1997. We design and manufacture manga figures, statues and high quality artwork reproductions, including licensed items for the manga titles Berserk and Hokuto no Ken (“Fist of the North Star”). In 2011, a new Berserk anime project is under way.

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