London Gaming Con: Super-Sonic-Sunday, 11 Reasons To Attend & Timetable/Schedule‏

London Gaming Con is fast approaching this 3-4 December! If you register and pay now then you can get Saturday for just £8 and Sunday for just £6. (On the day entry without pre-paying is £10 per day).

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The Event Timetable and Tournament Schedules for London Gaming Con are now up! Note that these are still provisional, but should give you a good idea of what to expect so that you can start planning your day!

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Zooming in on the Sunday of London Gaming Con shall be our special Sonic-themed day - Super-Sonic-Sunday! The UK Sonic community will be coming together at London Gaming Con to put on a series of events and parties for new and old Sonic-fans alike to enjoy!

Highlights will include -

- Sonic Blindfolded (All day) - The Team Sonic v Mario Showdown! (Afternoon) - Sonic v Mario Cosplay Contest! (Afternoon) - Sonic Pub Quiz (Afternoon) - Zonic Live-Singing (Afternoon) - Sonic Evening Party with SonicStadium (7pm to 10pm) - Club SEGA Party bought to you by RadioSEGA (10pm to midnight) - Sonic Generations Speed-Run Contests (All day) - Sonic 2 MD Speed-Run Contest (All day) - Possible Sonic-Screenings (Fingers crossed!) - More to come as we get it confirmed. Stay tuned!

Community websites SonicStadium, SonicWrecks, SEGAMedia and RadioSEGA shall be assisting in bringing this to you along with the main organisers behind the much-loved Summer of Sonic event! W00t!


#11. Chiptune artists and bands! We have the legendary CoLD SToRAGE (creator of the original Lemmings soundtracks, Wipeout and many other classic games performing, as well as the much-loved TEMPHUiBIS performing! There will also be Zonic singing live-music inspired by Retro-Sonic games, and Area 11 blasting out VG-related tunes. And let's not forget brentalfloss, who is flying all the way from the USA to do live-concerts on both days either!

#10. Free to enter Gaming Tournaments! Over twenty tournaments which are free to enter with £10 cash-prizes for each including Halo, GW3, MK9, Naruto US2, MW3, DDR, Minecraft, CSS, TF2 and many more! All tournaments listed at

#9. Massive gaming tournaments with BIG Prizes - As Neo Empire, NthGen, Fragradio and Smashboards come together to put on some awesome tournaments! As well as the free to enter tournaments, there will be tournaments with either £3 or £5 entry fees. All money collected will be pooled and awarded for each game, 60% for 1st place, 30% for 2nd place and 10% for 3rd place. Games to include Mario Kart, Smash Brawl (and Melee both doubles and singles), SSFIV, Arcana Heart 3, MvC3, Blazblue, KoF13 and more! All tournaments listed at

#8. Awesome guests! From comedian, musican and gaming sensation brentalfloss to Sonic-vocalist Zonic, to guest-artist Sonia Leong, to Ashens and more, we have a wide-variety of special guests attending. See them all at

#7. Events, Gameshows, etc etc! There'll be the Last Man Standing Gameshow, the Ultimate Gaming Quiz, Whose Game is it Anyway, the Sonic v Mario clan showdown, Sonic Blindfolded(!), Manga Workshops and Cosplay Workshops! Something for everyone to participate and enjoy! You can view a provisional events timetable at

#6. The Gaming Zones! As well as the tournaments, there will be zones where you can drop in, chill out and casually play your favourite games. Our zones are; Modern, Fighting, LAN Gaming, Retro, Handheld, Song & Dance, Art, TCG and Karaoke! WOW!

#5. New media & internet community! The hosts and makers of several, youtube, TGWTG and Screwattack shows shall be attending including brentalfloss, itsmyyard, Iain Highton, Wesley Lock, Guru Larry, Ashens and several more! This is our biggest and most impressive ever lineup of new-media guests, as we bring your favourite internet celebs to you! We will also be showing a variety of their content throughout the day too!

#4. First for Retro! With an entire zone dedicated to retro-gaming you can enjoy the true 8 and 16 bit classics! We will have several tournaments including Super Mario Bros (SNES), Golden Eye 64, Sonic 2 (Megadrive), Micro Machines (Megadrive) and Tetris 64.

#3. The Parties! Saturday will kick off with the Brentalfloss concert at 7pm going through in to UK's number one gaming night, Nintendisco and finished off with the Bass Invaders Rave right through to 1am! Sunday will see the Video Game Chillout from 5pm, going through to our Sonic Gaming Party hosted by Svend, Kevin and Gary from TheSonicStadium, Sonic Wrecks and RadioSEGA!

#2. Super-Sonic-Sunday! As well as the Sonic Gaming Party, the UK Sonic community are coming together to bring you an entire day of Sonic-awesomeness on the Sunday! There will be the Sonic v Mario Showdown (pick a side to earn points for!), the Sonic Quiz, a Sonic Generations Speed-Run, Zonic singing live, a Sonic cosplay contest, Sonic screenings and more still to be announced! Community websites SonicStadium, SonicWrecks, SEGAMedia and RadioSEGA shall be assisting in bringing this to you along with the main organisers behind the much-loved Summer of Sonic event! W00t!

#1. The Ultimate Gaming Championship! (read more at ) with a grand prize of £100 for the winner! Even better this is a free to enter competition, so you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose! Show your skills and enter the Hall of Fame as the Ultimate Gamer of '11 at London Gaming Con!

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