EuroCosplay Championships, Finals 2011

This years EuroCosplay Championships Final was an amazing event. Cosplayers from all over Europe came together displaying costumes which soundly met the challenge set by the inaugral event last year. Seizing the opportunity to really show off their skills, our finalists produced inspiring costumes like the massive Mateus from Final Fantasy XII, Gundams from the legendary Japanese mecha series, the hulking Araghast from Games Workshop's Dawn of War franchise and Iron Man's War Machine to showcase the cosplay spirit of their nations at the London MCM Expo- London's Comic Con.

34 cosplayers from a staggering 23 Countries took part, bringing together people to share their cosplay experiences from every corner of Europe. EuroCosplay reached out even further by bringing well known cosplayers from around the world (Brazil's Pandy, America's Sushi Monster and Japan's Goldy) to judge the Finals.

A huge congratulations to this years winners, who were:
1st Place – England – Neil Lockwood – Skeksil Chamberlin from The Dark Crystal
2nd Place – Netherlands – Ronald Boom – Brother Petros from Trinity Blood
3rd Place – Spain – Estela Espinosa – Pocco from Shunya Yamashita's Sweet Dreams

With another country already announced for EuroCosplay 2012 the event is continuing to strengthen, and everyone involved wishes all the hopefuls the best of luck in qualifying for the Finals. With the heats already beginning you will want to keep up to date with all of the EuroCosplay news - to do this please find us on Facebook here.

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