Regional Artists, Dances, and Bands Collide at Shuto Con Anime Convention in Lansing

Lansing, Mich., Mar. 1 - . Mid Michigan will soon be host to one of the one of the most anticipated Japanese Animation conventions this season.

Shuto Con will open its second year at the Lansing Center and Radisson Hotel on March 16 to 18 with attendees visiting from across the Midwest to participate in one of the fastest growing shows of its' kind.

The annual convention received a lot of buzz after a successful event in 2011 featuring video screenings, dances, vending booths, artists, as well as industry guests, and has doubled in size this year.

One guest artist featured for this year is Ann Arbor local, Fred Gallagher, who gained fame from his webcomic turned published manga comic, 'MegaTokyo', about two anime and gaming friends who fly to Japan for fun, but find they have no money to return home.

Gallagher will join dozens of other artists who will feature original prints and drawings, as well as other crafts like jewelry and charms for sale.

"Fred is a wonderful addition to our guest line up this year," said Chairwoman and Shuto Con founder, Stefanie Shall. "He has certainly achieved the fame that all American manga artists dream about, and I know he will be a great inspiration to all budding artists hoping to break into the manga industry."

Other guests will include Richard Epcar and Guest of Honor, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who play the lead characters in the cyberpunk cult classic series of 'Ghost in the Shell'.

Joining them are voice actors Greg Ayres from Nerima Daikon Brothers, Doug Smith from Golden Boy, and lead actor from Hetalia, Todd Haberkorn. Guests will hold panels and sign autographs for free during the convention.

Also taking the stage will be bands both local and from across the country, including Arc Impulse, The X-Hunters, The Pillow Cases, and Lansing's Year200X.

"We have four great bands playing on Saturday night," said Guest Coordinator, Will Burgess. "And if you're not tired by the end, there's even an evening dance following."

Membership Badges are available at the door for $40 for the entire weekend, but can be purchased online until Friday, Mar. 2 at:

Anime is a type of animation from Japan, typically with more grownup themes, often based on manga books. Manga is the written and drawn counterpart to anime and can be likened to comic books for older readers.

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