Voice Actor/Director Richard Epcar Lends Voice To Convention Dance “elecTRONic Mayhem” At AMA 2012

When Anime & Video Game Voice Actor/Director Richard Epcar found out the 2 headlining DJs on Saturday night at Anime Mid Atlantic 2012 were Jesse James Felice and The Stig, he didn't hesitate for a moment to get involved and support their event. You may know him as Batou from Ghost In The Shell, or Ben Dixon and Lunk from Robotech, but most recently he finished up recording the description for “elecTRONic Mayhem.”

AMA 2012 takes place June 15th-17th at the Chesapeake Conference Center in Chesapeake, Virginia. On Saturday night, June 16th, in the Main Events room, elecTRONic Mayhem will kick off just a few minutes before 10:30PM, allowing Richard's voice to initiate and embrace the huddled masses. From there, you will be taken on a musical journey by 2 DJs that love music and want to get you lost in it.

Robert V. Aldrich, Author and guest of AMA 2012, also lent his talent to support elecTRONic Mayhem, he was one of only three people given a sneak peak of what's planned for elecTRONic Mayhem. In an excerpt taken from Anime Mid Atlantic's Website it states this: "It's radically different because it's an ebbing, flowing piece; it's a dialogue and an exploration that DJ and audience take together. It isn't flat and placid, nor is it bombarding and overwhelming. It's perfectly set so that the music becomes a modem for a larger, grander experience. Any fan of music, regardless of their preferred genres, owes it to themselves to check this out." - Author Robert V. Aldrich.

ecTRONic Mayhem description: voiced by Richard Epcar.
(found at AnimeMidAtlantic.com, under events in the dances category)

“The night is dark. Suddenly, it's broken by the streaks of light produced by a lone program. She ducks down behind a recycle bin and waits, wondering if she's been followed. Seconds turn into minutes as she pants, waiting, fearing her very heartbeat will give her away. Seconds turn to minutes, and when she's finally certain she's alone, she gets up and begins sprinting again. Down the hallways and through doors, running as fast as she is able, to escape her pursuers. Rounding a corner she skids to a stop, pressing herself against against the wall and peering back around it to make sure there are no followers. When she looks back forward she pulls her arm up, accessing her central data. A map and simple directions show up on a holographic display in front of her forearm and she orients herself, ready to move once again. She hits a button on her arm and the display disappears. Wasting no time, she jogs around the next corner and pushes through what must have been the thousandth set of doors. And finally she sees it. The simple gray door doesn't look special, but the symbol on it tells her that this is where she wants to be. NEEDS to be. As relief floods her face she approaches the door and knocks, first twice, then three times, then once. A small hidden access panel slides back on the door, and a set of hard eyes stares back at her, looking her up and down quickly. Quickly he blurts out in a synthesized voice that's obviously been modified to hide his identity "Program ID?" "AMA. AMA 2012." She replies. The word that follows from him is expected. "Password?"

She swallows knowing she has only one shot at this, and if she forgets the words she was told in secret, or even makes a simple mistake, that she will never make it in, and she'll be forced to continue running. With a dry mouth she almost whispers...."I dance for the Users." The panel slides shut, and for a few seconds nothing happens. She wonders if she made a mistake and starts to fidget, worried that she'll have to start running for fear of being de-rezzed. When she starts to move one foot after looking around nervously, the door clacks with a metal thump and begins to swing open. The doorman steps to the side as behind him, lights dance around in the air and music of the most amazing kind assault her senses. He gestures for her to enter and she steps in, feeling relief wash over her. Hundreds of programs like her are simply letting themselves loose and feeling free, even if it's only for one night, here...at the dance. Welcome to 'elec-TRON-ic' Mayhem.”

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