Small Business Launches New Line of Cosplay T-Shirts

NAPA, CA – June 12, 2012--Kricket Costumes, a California-based company, is at the forefront of a new genre of nerd apparel: cosplay t-shirts. These t-shirts are specifically designed for cosplayers—individuals who dress up as their favorite anime or video game characters. While it might be considered ironic for a cosplayer to wear standard apparel rather than a hand-crafted costume at a Japanese animation convention, these shirts are not so average.

Joanne “Kricket” Powers, the founder of Kricket Costumes, explains the thought-process behind these cosplay t-shirts. "We've heard people joke that it might be worthwhile to design and sell a ‘two-second costume’ that could be worn when a cosplayer is literally exhausted from wearing their costumes." Cosplayers wear their costumes up to 12 hours a day during a convention weekend. However, not all cosplayers are ready when the convention begins. "They lock themselves in their hotel rooms to work on their costumes and can't really enjoy the convention." This is a major incentive for cosplayers to wear cosplay-themed t-shirts. "Let's say it's the night before the convention, and you're not anywhere close to finishing your costume in time. There's going to be a strong temptation to wear a cosplay t-shirt as a back-up plan. So at least you can feel dressed up when you're at the con."

There are four designs slated for production in August 2012 with more shirts in the development phase. You can purchase a cosplay t-shirt for $25 or purchase four for $90. To get in on this new trend or to find out more information about this project, visit ‘Cosplay Fandom T-shirts’ on Kickstarter.

ABOUT KRICKET COSTUMES: Specializing in the niche culture of cosplay, Kricket Costumes' ( mission is to improve the quality of cosplay outfits by teaching the basic skills of costume construction. Kricket Costumes offers unique products, tools, and resources for the growing cosplayers – so that the cosplay community as a whole can continue to thrive and grow.

Cosplay Fandom T-shirts on Kickstarter


Available for Pre-order until Friday, July 13, 2012

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