The TAKII World Tour Touts The Premier Of Its Cosplay Field Day

Cosplay Field Day event itinerary, a World Tour open invite, & pre-reg reminders!

July 24th, 2012 -- Upper Darby, PA-- Your summer season has now been taken to an even more fusion festival extreme, minna-san! The Asian Karaoke Idol invitational is proud to announce the 1st stop for its TAKII World Tour known by no other name than Cosplay Field Day!! A sure-fire fusion festival classic, Cosplay Field Day comes to you from Naylor's Run Park in Upper Darby, PA on August 4th, 2012 (going from 2:00pm - 8:00pm EST). It will feature all of your favorite members of Team TAKII combined with the ever-passionate TAKII family in all of their collective costumed glory as we all enjoy delicious picnic-y delicasies while taking part in some challenging field games for epic prizes. Ans of course, for anyone inspired to pre-reg at this stop on the TAKII World Tour, our Team TAKII Registration Coalition will be in the house taking reservations for #1 Contender's Passes & Vendor Table Slots. (NOTE: Until August 9th, 2012, Passes will be $8.00 while Table Slots will be $60.00. For a further pre-reg run-down, check out our "Registration" section (

THERE IS NO FORMAL ENTRANCE FEE to attend Cosplay Field Day! All that we ask is that those attending this stop on the TAKII World Tour come prepared with the following:

1- A cosplay of some kind (it can be as elaborate as a Sailor fuku or as simple as cat ears)
2- Your favorite picnic food (able to be shared with at least 6-8 other people; preference is for food that is already prepared)
3- Sports utilities (if you plan on using any of Naylor's Run Park's facilities beyond pre-scheduled festivities, bring extra gear)
4- Something to change into (in case your cosplay becomes uncomfortable to wear as the day goes on)
5- Extra money (in the event that you find yourself needing to take public transportation, or purchase extra food/swag, etc.)
6- A TAKII attitude to enjoy some fun in the sun (because that's how we do....TAKII always brings the party!)

To give you more of an idea of our fooding options, here is what we would like for our menu to consist of (counting food provided by Cosplay Field Day volunteers & those attending in general): hot dogs (grilled & boiled), chicken (fried & grilled), salad (potato, macaroni, seaweed, etc.), snacks (potato chips, Pocky, Asian gummies, Japanese crackers, etc.), & drinks (bottled water, Ramune, chilled juices, etc.). The actual menu itself will look different based upon those participating in Cosplay Field Day & the dishes that they bring. So that we don't have dozens of people all bringing in their favorite flavor of Pocky, we encourage TAKII family members to reach out via our social media outlets

( & network with each other for their culinary collaborative efforts.

Cosplay Field Day wouldn't be complete without some time for people to compete against one another in a variety of field games, TAKII-style! Attendees of this outing can expect to enjoy (but not limited to) the following: "Last Otaku Standing" (musical chairs with a fusion festival twist), "Ninja!" (testing your lightning-fast reflexes), "Mario Tennis" (live-action role playing your favorite characters from the Mario universe playing singles & doubles tennis), & "The Great Relay Race" (fusion festival-style relay races with a variety of challenging stipulations). Prizes will be in the form of swag from our Team TAKII members & complimentary #1 Contender's Passes. The varied amenities of Naylor's Run Park will also offer Cosplay Field Day participants the ability to take a scenic trek through Darby Creek, play other organized sports games, jogging though extensive hiking trails, & plenty more. A formal listing of what you can experience by visiting Naylor's Run Park alone can be found here:

If you are hungerin' for more of "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" on other stops of our World Tour until we reach TAKII 14 ~New Year's Evolution~, make sure you check out the "TAKII World Tour" section for more info. May the TAKII World Tour's Cosplay Field Day become yet another one of "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival"'s cherished traditions for many seasons & generations to come!

Established in February 2006, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational is the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival. Featuring 2 main seasons & numerous other co-branded events & performances throughout each year, it's filled with a diverse multitude of "Festivities" well-suited for people from all walks of life & fandom. With maverick innovations, such as "Project "DATTE"" ("Delivering Assistance To The Extreme"), the Team TAKII Coalition (a distinguished group of our most passionate supporters & outreach volunteers), & the TAKII World Tour (a traveling & customizable entertainment experience for individuals & organizations alike), it entertains, inspires, & enriches the lives of its fans worldwide on a continuous basis.

For our fusion festival fans, the TAKII World Tour has become a way for them to connect to The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational at a like-minded event that is closer to them, being able to trade infamous stories of TAKII lore with their passionate compatriots. For organizers of similar festivals & conventions, it's a chance for them to partner with the most dynamic force in this genre of Asian-themed entertainment & add that missing element of "the extreme" for their own attendees to enjoy. Touring since November 2006, the TAKII World Tour has universally rocked the foundation of Asian culture fandom & continues to do so all-throughout the year & many more to come!

The stockings will be hung from the chimney with care. Auld acquaintances shall not be forgot. And the seasonal references could go on & on & before we know it, TAKII 14 ~New Year's Evolution~ will be upon us! "The reason for the season" will be descending upon Philly, PA's The Rotunda on December 29th & 30th 2012, making it the perfect place to enjoy some after-Christmas chaos & pre-New Year's partying, otaku-fied TAKII-style! With the success of May 2012's TAKII 13 ~United We Stand~, we've carefully extracted the best parts of last season & will combine it with some plans for this beloved festival/convention hybrid that have been in the works for years, giving fans all over the universe something to salivate over before-hand & never forget once TAKII 14 comes to pass.

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