10 Reasons Why Alcon On 6-9 Sept Will Be Amazing - Anime, Cosplay Gaming & More!‏

Tickets are still available at £35 for all four days for Leicester-based anime and gaming event Alcon this 6-9 September, but make sure you get yours soon! You can get yours HERE. One-day tickets, at an amazing £12 per day are also available HERE

Reasons to Go To Alcon - Top Ten Countdown!

#10. Best Guests Ever! We have an amazing lineup of guests in store, including the likes of Kyle Hebert (who has voiced Kamina from Guren Lagaan amongst over FIFTY other anime and gaming titles), LittleKuriboh (Yu Gi Oh and DBZ Abridged) as well as cosplay-guests Valdrein, Twinfools, Nova, KellyJane and TealPirate and more - In fact almost THIRTY guests in total! This page says it all - http://www.alcon.org.uk/guests.php

#9. So much to buy! We have our best exhibitor lineup ever including the likes of Cosplay Portrait, Estaticarts, GundamNation, Genki Gear, Khaos Kostumes, Tofucute, United Publications, Namco and many more! Check it out here http://www.animeleague.net/forum/showthread.php?73082

#8. Even more Workshops and panels than before! As well as Akemi Solloway attending with her wealth of Japanese Knowledge, we will have many more people to give panels and workshops. These include Oriental Lantern Making, How to Make an Anime, How to Draw Manga, Origami Workshops, Calligraphy Workshops, Kimono Trial Demos, Gunpla Making, Chibi Clay Modelling and just too many to list.

#7. Over ONE HUNDRED Events to check out! You can check out the timetable at http://www.animeleague.net/forum/showthread.php?76360. Alcon will have everything from an anime night-club, a lot of exhibitors to buy anime goodies from, screenings of the latest anime, a video gaming room, an anime bar, artists alley, cosplay cafe, DDRing, a Cosplay Hangout, roleplaying, bring and buy, BJD Workshop/Meetup, Card Gaming (including Yu Gi Oh), late night movies, karaoke, live music and much much more. There will also be events including Baka No Gameshow, Dub That Anime, the Talent Show, Charity Gala, AMV Contest, Pub Quiz and Whose Line is it Anime, Late Night 18+ Yaoi/Hentai Panels and more!

#6. An Anime Festival of Live Music! Nine performers and bands including the likes of Area 11, Chipzel, River Versus, Zonic, Superpowerless, KimonoTime, KerriVeck, Scarlett, OCRemix and more! We have an incredible amount of live music put on for you over all four-days as we turn the bar area in to an anime music-festival!

#5. Number one for Cosplay! Cosplay guests Twinfools, Nova, KellyJane, Valdrein , TealPirate, Tab Kimpton shall be doing workshops and Q&As, including a Crossplay Panel, Making Cosplay CMVs, Body Painting, Fursuit Making, Prop Making, Wig-Styling, Steampunk, Filming for youtube and much more!

#4. Even MORE for Cosplay! That isn't even counting the cosplay photography courtesy of Cosplay Portrait and the usual staples such as the Cosplay Masquerade, Cosplay Blind-Date, the Cosplay Auction and much more beside! If you are cosplaying then you had better plan your day well in advance since there will be so much to do! And let's not forget the Cosplay Cafe that will be running around the day either where you can drop in and be served tea and cake by your favourite anime characters!

#3. HUGE Video Gaming Lineup! We count almost eighty setups total across the event - there will be not just one, but THREE areas dedicated to Video Gaming this year! Modern Gaming shall include free prize-winning tournaments from Super Street Fighter IV to Mario Kart Wii to Brawl and many more, as well as casual play setups. Retro Gaming, run by Retroactive shall include an amazing 40 consoles from 40 years of gaming history, while the main Queens hallway shall become an arcade zone with a DDR arcade-machine and various additional arcade machines. And in an Alcon exclusive Namco are bringing along two arcade machines for Tekken Tag Tournament 2! Wow!

#2 - Party, Party, Party! EIGHT epic parties until 3am in the morning with the best anime DJs in the UK including Snap, Shenny, Dyzphazia and more. Highlights include the J-Pop/K-Pop Party, Glowstick Rave, J-Core, Masquerade Ball, Gamers Night and the Final Countdown. So get out those glowsticks and get ready for over 24 hours of partying at Alcon 2012!

#1. YOU! Yes, You! Make sure to be a part of it - join a clan, meet new people, make new friends, and get involved! The event is all about you and the community, so make sure you don't miss one of the most fun and friendly conventions in the world!


Website: http://www.alcon.org.uk/ Forums: http://www.animeleague.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?66 Email: [email protected] Location: De Montfort University, Leicester Dates: 6-9 September 2012 Twitter: @alcon Price: Just £35 for all four days if you pre-pay before 2nd September. £12 for a single day.

Register now at http://www.alcon.org.uk/register.php

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