Anime USA Welcomes Michelle Knotz

Pokémon voice actress to attend Anime USA 2012

Can you catch them all? All the Pokémon characters Knotz has voiced, we mean! Now in their
15th season, Michele returned as the voice of Team Rocket's Jessie and so far picked up a few
new Pokémon, Snivy, Woobat, Minccino, Klink, Klang, Klinklang, Petilil and their evolutions.
Before season 14, Michele voiced May, Nurse Joy, the Pokédex, Piplup, Manaphy, Squirtle,
Bulbasaur, Chimecho, Beautifly, Masquerain, Dustox, Cacnea, and many others.

Other anime roles include Hajime Yagi in "The World of Narue," Takako Kawashima
in "Shootfighter Tekken," Matsumoto and various additional characters in “To Heart,” Razali,
Cindy, Greta, and The Fairy in “The Third,” Ogiue Chika in “Genshiken,” Koyuki Asagiri
in “Kujibiki Unbalance,” Chou'un Shiryuu in “Ikki Tousen,” Tomoe and Airi in “Queen's Blade,”
and Potaru Tanaka and Inumi in “Magical Witch Punie-chan.”

As far as video games go, Michele has voiced the Pokémon Trainer, Squirtle and various
other Pokémon for the Nintendo Wii's: “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” Piplup and many others
in “PokéPark Wii – Pikachu's Great Adventure,” Snivy, Piplup and many others in “PokéPark
2 Wonders Beyond,” various characters in “Heathcliff the Fast and the Furriest,” and Alisa
Bosconovitch and Roll in CAPCOM's “Street Fighter X Tekken.”

But Michele doesn't just work on anime and video games. She's also a script adapter for
various dubbing projects and lends her voice to many other types of work. To see all of
Michele's credits, pictures, and listen to her voice demos, check out her web site at:

For biographical information and pictures, please check out our Guests page at

About Anime USA: In 1999 Anime USA began as a northern Virginia convention started by
fans, and in 2004 become

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