Tainted Reality To Host Massive Starwave Records Holiday Fire Sale on December 8th

November 25, 2012 - Subculture entertainment organization, Tainted Reality, will be hosting a massive fire sale of virtually all Starwave Records products on December 8th during a special Ustream broadcast dubbed "The Tainted Reality Holiday Bash". The sale begins at 8pm (Eastern Time), and will run congruently with Tainted Reality's Ustream broadcast. When the broadcast ends, so does the sale. The items on sale include:

Bespa Kumamero – Spiral Connector (Was $20. Now $10)
Blam Honey – Providence of Decadence (Was $50. Now $35)
BLOOD – Bathory (Was $25. Now $15)
BLOOD – Elizabeth (Was $25. Now $15)
Calmando Qual – Dead Man's Party (Was $15. Now $5)
Calmando Qual – Doors (Was $15. Now $10)
Calmando Qual – Negative Mustard (Was $15. Now $10)
Darkest Labyrinth Vol. 2 (Was $25. Now $5)
Dunkelheit – Love In The Soil (Was $15. Now $10)
Frenzy – I am Frenzy Of Liberty (Was $21. Now $10)
GPKISM – Atheos 2nd Press (Was $25. Now $10)
GPKISM – Iudicium (Was $15. Now $10)
GPKISM – Sanguisa Rosa (Was $20. Now $10)
Himemanik – Atashi, figure ni naritai no~Wanna Be A Figurine (Was $25. Now $5)
Himemanik – Ruler (Was $15. Now $10)
lix – Noah (Was $15. Now $10)
lix – Seimei no syuen (Was $13. Now $10)
lix – Six Rain (Was $25. Now $15)
Luzmelt – Guilty Garden (Was $10. Now $5)
Luzmelt – Imitation Galaxy (Was $10. Now $5)
Luzmelt – Luz-Destination (Was $20. Now $5)
Luzmelt – Oracion (Was $10. Now $5)
Luzmelt – Sacrifice (Was $21. Now $5)
Luzmelt – Swallowed Scenery (Was $20. Now $5)
Misaruka – Cailleach Rosary (Was $15. Now $10)
Misaruka – Merrow (Was $15. Now $10)
Sandwich de 120pun? – Neverland (Was $30. Now $15)
Satan – 13 I Scream (Was $31. Now $10)
Selieen – Kinjirareta Asobi (Was $20. Now $10)
Spectrum X – Darkest Night Ever (Was $25. Now $5)
Suicide Ali – Dai 4 No Waltz (Was $30. Now $20)
Suicide Ali – Donor Of Lie (Was $15. Now $10)
Suicide Ali – Perpetual Check (Was $15. Now $5)
Suicide Ali – Stitch Doll (Was $18. Now $10)
Suicide Ali – Tadashi Mahou No Tsukurikata (Was $15. Now $10)
Takuya Angel – Ima-Wa-Mukashi (Was $15. Now $5)
the fool – Circus (Was $20. Now $5)
the fool – Crazy Frogs From Around The World (Was $30. Now $10)
the fool – Go Mother Fucker (Was $15. Now $5)
The Sound Bee HD – Hachi (Was $25. Now $15)
The Sound Bee HD – Hana (Was $21. Now $17)
Tokami – Resurrection (Was $20. Now $17)
Umbrella – Amayadori (Was $21. Now $17)
Vanished Empire – The Unnamable Symphony (Was $20. Now $5)
Vanished Empire – Theater of Tragedy (Was $20. Now $5)
Variable Messiah – Best Collection 2000-2004 (Was $30. Now $15)

All items are available while supplies last. The sale is fully endorsed and supported by Starwave Records.

The Tainted Reality Holiday Bash is a celebration of the holiday season with the J-Rock community. The broadcast will contain holiday music, appearances by special guests wishing the audience a joyous holiday, a special announcement about the future of Tainted Reality's webcomic "Fixer", a charity collection for children's toys on behalf of fashion brand Dreaded Eden, and contests where viewers can win J-Rock CD's such as The Gazette's new album "Division", and much more.

The Tainted Reality Online Store can be accessed at www.taintedreality.net.
The Ustream broadcast can be viewed at www.ustream.tv/channel/tainted-reality.
The Tainted Reality Holiday Bash can be visited at www.facebook.com/events/139161829566283.

About Starwave Records: Starwave Records is one of the leading visual kei independent labels in Japan, owned by BLOOD frontman, Kiwamu. The label produces such VK staples as BLOOD, Suicide Ali, The Sound Bee HD, lix, and Tokami. The label just recently started producing brand new VK hard rock band Synk;yet (sic) in June 2012.

Starwave Records Links:
Official Homepage - www.starwaverecords.jp

About Fixer: Fixer is a free web-comic about the rise and fall of a rock band that is heavily inspired by 90's American alternative rock and Japanese visual kei. The story, beginning in the year 1998, chronicles in realistic detail the trials and tribulations people go through to form a band, achieve success, and come to grips with fame. Historical events and the cultures of the times come into play as the band eventually become rock legends... but at what cost?

Fixer Links:
Official Homepage - www.fixercomic.com
Official Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/fixercomic

About Tainted Reality: Tainted Reality is the premiere source of sub-culture based entertainment in the United States. They specialize in programing revolving around Japanese Rock (J-Rock), video games, fashion, and web comics. Tainted Reality hosts a variety of video programing on their site ranging from comedic skits, and J-Rock album reviews, and event coverage from the biggest anime conventions, gaming conventions, and concerts. Tainted Reality often conducts interviews with some of the biggest musical artists of Japan like Yoshiki of X Japan, Die of Dir en grey, Miyavi and MUCC. They have managed and organized tours for prominent J-Rock bands such as BLOOD, Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-, and The Candy Spooky Theater. They have also produced entertainment media such as the Darkest Labyrinth Vol.1 DVD, the Darkest Labyrinth artist compilation CD, and the first official music video for Japanese goth band Rose Noire titled "Dual Evil".

Tainted Reality Links:
Official Website - http://www.taintedreality.net
Official Facebook - www.facebook.com/taintedreality.net
Official Twitter - www.twitter.com/taintedreality
Rose Noire's Dual Evil Music Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PksL8gYlKFE

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