Chances are, you've been hearing a bit of praise for a sophisticated little motion picture doing the rounds called PACIFIC RIM. Guillermo Del Toro's latest blockbuster is big, loud and stupid amounts of fun; but it's also a giant, gushing love letter to something we here at Madman are very, fond of – Kaiju (pron. “kaiiiiiiiiiiijuuuuuu”).

So what exactly is Kaiju? Please allow our very own Kaiju Kaptain, John Robertson to explain:

So yeah, Kaiju is essentially giant anythings facing off against other giant somethings. Or, in other words... totally awesome!

For the month of July (and yes, because PACIFIC RIM is hyping all things giant and ‘fighty’), we're holding an almighty Kaiju battle over at – where mechs, giant humans, trolls and the granddaddy of Kaiju himself, Godzilla, will face off against each other until the ultimate winner emerges.

Fans will be able to cast their vote for the greatest Kaiju battle and will go into the draw to win spot prizes, plus a major prize of all our Kaiju releases and a set of figurines to stage your very own Kaiju battle at home.

The Madman Mighty Kaiju Battle range is also on sale, from leading retailers and
To start viewing the Mighty Kaiju Battle videos, all featuring individual introductions from John Robertson, visit

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