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Digital-first manga previously published in JManga

HELSINKI, FINLAND, July 25th, 2013 – Digital manga distributor Amimaru is publishing Daitaro Nishihara's manga The Magical Cat Ghee (Mahou Neko no Gii).

The series has been in production by Stren Publishing since 2011, and currently has three volumes. It has since been published in a variety of digital services in Japanese, English and Chinese. In some services it has been published under the titles "Gee The Wiz-Cat" and "Ghee The Wizard Cat".

Amimaru is publishing the manga in its Facebook reader app. The price of one chapter is 16 Facebook Credits (conversion rate varies by region). The first chapter is free.

The fantasy manga tells the story of Ghee, once known as one of the greatest wizards on the world. However, one day all the magicians in the world were cursed and transformed into huge, mindless cats.

Ghee was the only one who managed to defend himself with a protective spell and keep part of his mind intact. But now he must be careful not to use too much magic. After two years of fighting the curse, his humanity has started to give way to feline instincts…

Ghee teams up with the 15-year-old Ciesta, who still believes that magic can be used for good. He travels the land together with her and his talking crow Picke, searching for the man responsible for the curse – Veno Veno. But can he find his opponent and save the magicians of the world – including Ufran, his betrothed – before it's too late?


Founded in 2011, Amimaru Ltd is a Finnish company that aims to provide manga readers all over the world a new and easier way to consume and purchase manga and receive the appreciation of their favorite authors.

As a digital distributor, the company currently streams manga from its Facebook reader app. Purchases are made using Facebook Credits. Future plans of Amimaru include expanding to more platforms.

Amimaru aims to distribute manga from a wide variety of companies in the future, eliminating the need for consumers to use multiple services for their online manga reading need. In the future Amimaru also plans to provide manga creators a way to get their works translated and sold digitally to readers all over the world without the need of a Japanese publisher as a middleman.

The service launched in May 2012. For more information, visit


Daitaro Nishihara was born in Hiroshima in 1971. His works have won honorable mentions in the 8th annual Shonen Jump manga award in 1991 and the 46th annual Shogakukan newcomer award in 2000.

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