Danny Choo Announces 7500 Turnstyle Attendees for the First Culture Japan Convention

TOKYO (August 27th 2013) - Danny Choo, Producer of the worldwide TV series “Culture Japan,” announced that Culture Japan's first ever conference “Culture Japan Con” (CJC) was attended by 6000 unique attendees and a turnstile attendance of 7500.

Culture Japan Con took place on the island of Penang in Malaysia on August 17th - 18th and was jointly organized together with Penang Global Tourism.

Invited guests included Voice Actress Asakawa Yuu (Megurine Luka, Rider), Ikkyuusensei (Moekana & Moekanji illustrator), Shirahane Nao-sensei (DMYO), American cosplayer Maridah, Malaysian cosplayer Angie and Japanese music band Vividblaze.

Global Japanese brands such as Good Smile Company, Bushiroad and Kinokuniya also exhibited at Culture Japan Con.

Culture Japan Con is an event where attendees can mingle with guests who work in the Japanese animation industry in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy events like cosplay and stage events. Two return tickets to Tokyo were given away in a lucky draw to attendees who purchased a two day ticket.

Danny Choo announced that Culture Japan Con 2 will take place in 2014 and is currently working on securing a location. Culture Japan Con is planned to be held in various locations worldwide.

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● [Culture Japan Con Photos] http://www.dannychoo.com/en/post/27037/
● [Culture Japan Con Portal site] http://culturejapancon.com

About Danny Choo
Danny Choo resides in Tokyo and runs a media production company where he produces a brand called Culture Japan which is made up of a web portal, TV show and products that focus on disseminating information on Japanese culture to the world. Danny is also creator of the character Mirai Suenaga who has collaborated with many companies in the Japanese animation industry.

Originally from the UK (parents are Malaysian), Danny has been working in the Japanese Internet since 1999. In his career, Danny served as Computer Engineer at Japan Airlines, Website Manager on the management team at Amazon and as CGM Product Manager at Microsoft.

Danny has been recognized for his work by the Japanese government and was appointed as a member of their Creative Industries Internationalization Committee.

Danny's full profile available here.

About Mirai Suenaga
Mirai Suenaga is the site mascot character for Culture Japan who was developed by Danny Choo in 2007. Mirai started off as a single illustration in the corner of the his website back in 2007 and since then has gained much popularity worldwide. Mirai suenaga went on to collaborate with many companies in the Japanese anime field and has worked with companies such as Good Smile Company, Nitro Plus, Kadokawa, King Records and more.

Mirai's full profile can be found here.

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