August Issue of World's 1st Digital Manga Magazine Comicloud on Sale Soon

Cover illustration is made by Shintaro Kago. “DEMENTIA 21”

BookLOUD Inc. simultaneously releases the August issue of Monthly COMICLOUD (Vol.4, No.8)—the world's first digital manga magazine that entered publication in July 2010—worldwide on August 29, 2013 for the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire/Fire HD/Fire HD 8.9” and Android.

Product Details
Title: COMICLOUD Vol. 4, No. 8
Genre: Digital Manga Magazine
Specs: Monolingual English & Japanese editions
Pages: 94 pages
Price: US$4.99

Hit Manga Series!

QUADRIFOGLIO 2 by Takeshi Okamoto
Yotsuba spends her summer vacation swimming with Chloe and Maya at the beach. Hearing about her friends' plans for the future, Yotsuba suddenly feels unsure about her own path... It's summer, the time for beaches and swimsuits! This episode of QF2 is all about fun in the sun and that wonderful time in our youth when we set exciting goals for our lives.
The books (Vol.1 - Vol.4) have been released.

DEMENTIA 21 by Shintaro Kago
Yukie Sakai lost her job at Green Net. She's trying to look for work, but those photos (of her procrastinating from the last chapter) are circulating and making things very difficult. Everything Yukie tries backfires at her. This time she's looking for the "punch line" in her story. This first "serial story" of Dementia 21 goes on next month! Don't miss it!
The books (Vol.1 - Vol.2) have been released.

X-HUNTER RAY by Ryu-zin
L and R duke it out with Drake to protect Natalie. Meanwhile, Natalie calls Ray just as he's ensnared al-Dolbel. Ray, Natalie and Maria will soon be reunited! I can't tear my eyes from this story, not even for a second!

This is Bang-chan's first lesson about creating ideas. It's ideal for you if you love manga and love to draw, but can't think up good stories. People become better by imitating others. Many of us don't get anywhere because we try to create something original right away. This chapter contains a lot of know-how about creating ideas!

POCKET HUSBAND by Ichiro Hirai
Francoise has captured Rintaroh and we meet a mysterious new character: Chief Maria. What is Pierre's real motive? There's still so much we don't know! Will Rintaroh ever find his way back to Michiko?

NOBUNA-GIRL by Taro Matsumoto
Azuba escaped from his confinement by the Moto and went to meet Kakura. The beginning of a fierce fight?! This development makes the biggest impact in the story of Nobunagirl so far! The relationship between Azuba and Kakura is revealed. Now it's turning into a human drama?

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