Anime Blast Chattanooga Presents Fourth Round of Guests

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Sep. 26, 2013 – Anime Blast Chattanooga is pleased to announce four additional guests and acts for 2013. Newcomers Chris Davis and His K-Pop All Stars, Vedetta Marie, and Laugh Out Loud, as well as returning act The Man Power, will join attendees at the Chattanooga Convention Center Nov. 8 – 10.

Also in this year's lineup are voice actors Cherami Leigh and Johnny Yong Bosch; musical guests Project: Leviathan and Eyeshine; cosplayers Kohalu, Trixie J. Valentine, and Envel; and game show host Greg Wicker aka “Greggo's Game Shows.”

The Man Power

The Man Power is the greatest comic book rock ‘n’ roll band of all time. Hailing from Nashville, TN, the band has been forming a fan base through playing anime conventions, Japanese cultural events, rock ‘n’ roll clubs, private parties, and anywhere that loves fun. The group's live show consists of a high level of crowd interaction, undeniable charm, tongue and cheek stage gimmicks, and frequent celebrity cameos.

The musical style of The Man Power is a cross between glam rock, 3 chord punk, and Saturday morning cartoons. Their songs' subject matter range from girls to anime to just wanting to take a girl to Japan. The band has shared the stage with such acts as 80s pop icon Tiffany, Japanese punk legends PEELANDER-Z, rock opera heroes The Protomen, and controversial dance rock act The Slants. The band has played at events catering to over 9,000 attendees all over the country, were voted band of the month at The Deli Nashville for April 2011, and have played shows with 4 separate Power Ranger actors in attendance!

The Man Power consists of Chris Sexxx on lead vocals and guitar and Cody Warhammer on drums and vocals. At many appearances, the band also features a revolving line up of Man Power Girls that act as hype girls and are the best mascots around! Lady Lauren and Anime Anna are the lead girls, but you never know which girls will turn up at a show with the boys. After self releasing their first EP, "The Man Power," the band blew away the world with their debut full length record, "Hide Your Daughter and Get Your Earplugs Here Comes The Man Power," in 2011 on Man Power Records. The album is a representation of the band's roots and a glimpse into the future. So what else is there left to say? The Man Power is your new favorite band! Don't miss the band when it is in your town because if you do you might never see your girlfriend again.

Chris Davis and His K-Pop All Stars

Chris Davis and His K-Pop All Stars are an American born, nerd culture obsessed, acoustic musical outlet for leader and composer Chris Davis. Sometimes a full band, and sometimes a solo performance, this musical project is consistently changing its approach at performing and presenting very serious music about very serious subject matter. Davis may sound like a folky singer songwriter with songs about cartoons and pop culture in a recorded setting, but the live show is a whole different story. Davis and his all stars bring a punk rock energy to their live performances that are not that far removed from bands with three times the volume and amps. Live shows are meant to be fun so get ready for exactly that. Costumes, lots of crowd participation, and improvisation are all parts of one of the most entertaining and over the top acoustic shows you will ever witness. Chris Davis and His K-Pop All Stars are a new brand of geek pop. Download a song, come to a show, and don't take your eyes off this charismatic front man for a second. You never know what you might miss if you do.

Vedetta Marie

Vedetta Marie is a cosplayer native to Asheville, North Carolina. Presently the spokeswoman for "Multiverse Asheville," she began to make a name for herself with cosplays constructed entirely out of magic cards. As her skills progressed, so have her ambitions, from working with card armor to fabrics and other mediums, she is steadily appearing more and more as a person of interest. Aside from cosplay, she has represented h.NAOTO, Putumayo and Sixh fashion on the runway, and has become a face for "ScatterDOTFashion," an online publication. Through her cosplays, she has learned a number of ways people can create exciting and elaborate costumes at a price that most anyone who goes to conventions would be able to afford. This is important to her, as she can impart advice to other cosplayers facing financial hurdles. In the end, cosplay is all about fun, and Vedetta Marie loves to both inspire and assist. She can be contacted by her e-mail: [email protected] or Facebook:

Laugh Out Loud
Laugh Out Loud is a modern improvisational comedy troupe that hails from the University of Georgia. The group was founded in 2007, and has been working on their craft ever since. The group typically performs shows similar to the style most popularized by the television program Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

In 2012 the group expanded to other comedic avenues, adding a RiffTrax style event called Smackdown! lampooning adaptations of anime, cartoons, comic books and video games live and without a script.

If you've seen the group before, or not at all, each show is different and made up on the spot with input and situations from the audience. Be ready to have a side splitting time.
twitter - @improvUGA

ABOUT ANIME BLAST CHATTANOOGA: Anime Blast Chattanooga is a three-day convention that aims to entertain, educate, and encourage a diverse group to band together and grow in their fandom. By hosting interesting guests and holding engaging panels and events, Anime Blast Chattanooga hopes to leave its mark on the anime community.

Anime Blast Chattanooga
Where: Chattanooga Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN
When: November 8 – 10, 2013
Cost: $30 Pre-reg. til Oct. 1st, $25 Group Pre-reg. til Oct. 1st

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