Hanabee Entertainment Licenses Say “I Love You”

Say, "I Love You" Key Info

RELEASE DATE: 8th February 2014
SRP – $59.99 (DVD)
  • Based off of a manga by the same name.
  • Directed and written by Takuya Sato (Fate/Stay Night & Steins;Gate).
  • Animated by ZEXCS (Chrome Shelled Regios & Guilty Crown).
  • Similar titles – Toradora!, InuxBoku SS, His and Her Circumstances & Paradise Kiss.


Why are those three little words so hard to say?

16 year old, Mei Tachibana is no damsel in distress. She has no need for friends or boyfriends, they'll all just betray her in the end and she's already learned that lesson once. But in the biggest cliché ever, she suddenly starts getting attention from Yamamto Kurosawa, the most popular guy in school.

Yamato is handsome, charming but also irritatingly persistent and Mei has no idea how to handle this. Especially when he gives her his number. What is she suppose to do with it? Call him? Surely not? Except she does, and now they've kissed and her whole philosophy is being turned upside down.

But it's never official until she can say those three little words. But she won't or will she?


  • All 13 episodes to be released together.
  • To be released in DVD only.
  • Extras – Marshmallow & Mei Specials, Clean Opening & Ending.
  • Original Japanese audio & English dub.


“If what you are looking for is a sweet romance between an awkward girl who is emotionally stronger than she looks and a handsome boy who is not quite as perfect as he appears, then this may be the show for you.” – The Fandom Post

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