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February 21st, 2014--We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that Ultimate Boob Wars is now available for sale!

After the astounding success of the original Boob Wars, the battle over best breast rages once again in the wild, epic combat of the Ultimate Boob Wars!

Kingdoms will unsheathe their swords for holy justice and plunge them into the warm, waiting flesh of their enemies as bulging, brimming hopes clash against promising young buds in this epic battle over ultimate control of Bustchest!

Will ample bosoms roll over the flat plains of their enemies as the raging fires of war burn within both sides? Whose tits will you attempt seize hold of, so that you may carry them to ultimate victory?! Will the rift cleft between these busts ever be filled with the hot, sticky glue of peace?!

Find out in Ultimate Boob Wars! On sale NOW!

Ultimate Boob Wars

Big boobs: bulging with miracles.
Flat chests: the promise of infinite possibility.
This is the continent of Bustchest.
A marvelous land full of bountiful nature, graceful landscapes and heart-pounding secrets.
The continent is divided down the middle into two kingdoms.
In the western mountains lies the Kingdom of Piequartz, ruled by the queen of the Big Breast Tribe.
In the eastern flat-lands is the Kingdom of Serpettane, ruled by the Flat Chest Tribe's queen.

Since ancient times, various ideologies and religions centered about the worship of the female chest have existed in both kingdoms.
They loved the breasts of both tribes, big and small, indiscriminately and worked together, living in harmony.

Every ten years, a festival of prosperity is held on the neutral territory of the Chest Flatlands in which the Big Breast Tribe's Breast Deity, "Boweene," and the Flat Chest Tribe's Breast Deity, "Petan," are summoned by the shrine maidens of their respective tribes.
But, about a thousand years in the past, the gods suddenly started a quarrel when they were summoned for the festival.

A chill of fear came over the chests of the people, full of excitement from the festival, and all they could do was pray that the gods' angry chests be quelled.
The intensity of the fight rent the continent of Bustchest in twain from north to south through the Chest Flatlands. The resulting fissure was named the Chest Cleavage, dividing the two kingdoms.
And the gods, having used up their power, vanished and never appeared again, even when summoned.

The quarrel between the gods bore discord in the hearts of the Big Breast and Flat Chest tribes. In no time at all Big Breast faith and Flat Chest faith took root in both kingdoms.

Although the two parties were ready to go off at even the slightest provocation, the Chest Cleavage made it difficult for either party to mount an attack, breeding the belief amongst the people that "it is the will of the gods that this schism divide us so that we do not not interfere with one another." Thus, a delicate balance was struck between them.

However, a mysterious tectonic shift caused the Bust Cleavage, which had divided the two kingdoms, to close up again, sending the land once again into a panic.
Once joined, the Bust Cleavage became an expansive field once again, earning it the name Cleavage Field. It became a battleground upon which the warrior women of the Big Breast and Flat Chest kingdoms waged war.

And thus, the many years of precarious peace were destroyed, and the continent of Bustchest was enveloped in the fires of war.

Ultimate Boob Wars
Manufacturer: Softhouse-seal
Genre: Adventure
Price: $44.95
OS: Windows XP(32bit), Windows Vista(32bit), Windows 7(32bit), Windows 8(32bit)
Text Language: English
Voice Language: Japanese
Age Rating: 18 and over

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