Crowd Funding Project "Snap Fig"

Project Snap Fig
A photo book about anime figurine as a photography and an anime enthusiast.

Sakura Doujin, a new start up based in Singapore, will be launching a new project titled “Snap Fig”. The photo book content consist of figurine photos. Photos that has been taken by photographers around the world. What make this different from other photo book is that it provide technical details such as ISO, F Stop and etc.

There is also behind the scene, where you will see how photographers light up their subject.

The project will start on Indiegogo on June 7 2014 and will carry on till July 17 2014. A period of 41 days. A total funding of $6000USD will be needed. However, it is flexible funding, so we will used whatever money we have to publish the book.

ABOUT Sakura Doujin: Sakura Doujin has been around as a blogging website about anime and Japanese pop culture since 2012. Based in Singapore, we have slowly grown over the past two years. Recently, we have start up publishing book like these to engage our audience both anime and non-anime enthusiast

You can find out more information on our project page.

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