Manga Translation Battle of Professionals Begins

Manga Translation Battle has been creating opportunities for those who wish to have their debut as manga translators. With the contest's seventh run approaching, we are adding a Manga Translation Battle of Professionals to the regular contest. It is a tournament-style competition between eight translators who are already in the business.

We believe that seeing translations by professionals will be a useful experience for those who aim to become manga translators. Furthermore, we have made a plan to get involved those who do not have such aspirations. Readers are welcome to simply visit our website and take part in the poll.

Featured manga:
Round 1: Tonegawa (Written by Tensei Hagiwara, illustrated by Tomohiro Hashimoto and Tomoki Miyoshi, created in collaboration with Nobuyuki Fukumoto / Kodansha)
Round 2: Patalliro! (Written by Mineo Maya / Hakusensha)
Round 3: Kingdom (Written by Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha)

1. Iyasu Adair Nagata Has had a translating career of over 20 years.
2. Erin Procter Major translations include Kounodori: Dr. Stork and Starving Anonymous.
3. Jennifer Ward First Prize winner of Manga Translation Battle vol. 4
4. E. Welty Has had a translating career of over five years.
5. Preston Johnson-Chonkar Manga Translation Battle vol. 6 Grand Prize winner
6. Jenny McKeon Manga Translation Battle vol. 3 First Prize winner
7. Monique Murphy Manga Translation Battle vol. 4 Grand Prize winner
8. Kevin Gifford Apart from manga, translates games, anime and more.

Competition outline:
Contestants translate featured manga from Japanese into English.

Eight professional translators compete in a tournament-style contest.
For round 1 and round 2, they translate around 20 pages of manga.
For the third (and final) round, they translate around 30 pages.

Rather than choosing a superior or inferior translation, users will vote for the translation they “like better.” Out of each pair, the contestant with more points progresses to the next round.

You can take part in the Manga Translation Battle of Professionals by visiting the following website:

We are looking forward to your votes!

*You can also go on to submit an entry to Manga Translation Battle vol. 7:
Deadline for entries: 5th November 2018 (Pacific Standard Time)

Sponsored by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Digital Comic Association.
Administered in collaboration with Dentsu Inc. and MyAnimeList

*This contest has been selected to be a joint project along with the 2018 Project to Promote Media Arts Collaboration by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs.

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