Erotic RPG 'Puppet Angel' Now Available on DLsite

February 08, 2019, Tokyo – The English translated version of independent developer Yuki Mango's erotic RPG “Puppet Angel” is now available for sale on DLsite.

Publisher Comment:

"When cupid's body and bow fall into the wrong hands... All hell shall breaketh loose in the mortal realms of men and women. The pretense of Puppet Angel is exactly this.
A cupid of love turns to a cupid of disgusting heart-bending brainwashing depravity when a vulgar demon takes over her body and infiltrates the human world...
Unlikely... and unspeakable partnerships are forced upon unsuspecting women via the tainted arrow of the malicious demon. Under the spell of ‘love’, will is subjugated, mind is glossed over, body flushed with lust... and they must accept their new-found mate. No matter how disgustingly debaucherous the union would appear to a third party.
If you are a fan of violation, corruption and generally wicked plot lines, then the Bow of Loveliel shall surely grant your every desire!"

◼ Product Description
  • Title: Puppet Angel
  • Developer: Yuki Mango
  • Age Rating: X-rated (Adults ONLY)
  • Categories: RPG / .EXE file
  • Genre: Erotic RPG
  • Compatibility: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Languages: English
  • Other Keypoints: BGM and Sound Effects Has a Trial Version (Demo) available

◼ DLsite Product Page:

◼ Promotion Video:

[About the Developer]
Yuki Mango is an independent game developer located in Japan who predominantly makes RPG and Action Games often of the violation and sexual corruption genre.
In April 2015, Yuki Mango released their first game with DLsite, and in the following 2 years subsequently released 7 more games (A super busy schedule indeed!). With a selection of deliciously naughty games at their disposal, Yuki Mango is a great candidate for translation and “Puppet Angel” will be their second English language release! Hopefully, with support from fans, they can continue their creative ventures and more of their games can be translated for English audiences.
Developer's official website and DLsite blog (Japanese language):

[About the Publisher]
DLsite is one of the largest indie on-demand online download stores in Japan. The English section of DLsite, DLsite English (, designed for English language speakers, offers international customers easy and instant access to a wide variety of indie products. As of September 2018, it has over 120,000 products available for sale and registered users exceed 160,000. Having also registered as a publisher on Steam, DLsite intends to branch out and provide access to an even wider audience both geologically and linguistically.

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